When the Pakistani acting legend “Abid Ali” passes away?

A. On 3 September 2019
B. On 4 September 2019
C. On 5 September 2019
D. On 6 September 2019

The Great and Legendary Actor of Pakistan “Abid Ali” passes away on Thursday 5th September 2019 in Karachi. The Cause of death of Abid Ali was Liver Failure. Abid Ali was an actor as well as director and producer of television dramas and film productions in Pakistan. Abid Ali is famous for its best role “Dilawar khan ” in the PTV classic drama Waris. Abid Ali had Two Wives, the first wife is Humaira Ali(Humaira Ali is a Pakistani actress and singer) and the second wife is Rabia Noreen. Abid Ali had Three Daughters (Iman Ali, Maryam Ali, Rahma Ali). Abid Ali died at the age of 67.


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