Who many Muslim league members are in 1946 cabinet?

A. 05
B. 07
C. 09
D. 11


Correct Answer: A. 05

Detailed About MCQs

Lord Wavell wrote letters to Nehru and Jinnah on July 22, 1946, and invited them to join an “Interim Coalition Government.” He suggested that there would be 14 members in the cabinet: 6 of them from Congress, 5 from the Muslim League, and the other 3 would represent the minority parties and the important portfolios would be divided equally to the Congress and the League.

Muslim League Members are:

  1. Liaquat Ali Khan Finance
  2. I.I. Chundrigar Commerce
  3. Abdur Rab Nishtar Communications
  4. Ghazanfar Ali Khan Health
  5. J.N. Mandal Legislature

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