Which Political party suffer stunning defeat in UK by-election in December 2021?

A. Liberal Democrats
B. Federalist Party
C. Conservatives
D. None of these


Correct Answer: C. Conservatives

Detail About MCQs

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party has suffered a stunning defeat in a parliamentary by-election that is being viewed as a referendum on his government amid weeks of scandal and soaring COVID-19 infections. Liberal Democrat Helen Morgan, a centrist representing England’s third-biggest party in North Shropshire, overturned a Conservative majority of almost 23,000 votes from the last election to win the 16 December 2021 Contest. In the by-election, the governing Conservative Party was defeated by the Liberal Democrats with a 34% swing. This by-election was significant because it was considered a safe seat for Conservatives that they have held for 189 years.

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