For a teacher teaching a class wit large strength, which of the techniques is best?

A. Lecture and class notes
B. Group work with a lecture
C. Debate, discussions, practicals
D. Self-study and asking questions


Correct Answer: B. Group work with a lecture 

Detail About MCQs

When teaching a class with large strengths (presumably a large number of students), one effective technique is:

B. Group work with a lecture

While all the options can have their merits, incorporating group work along with a lecture can be beneficial in managing a large class. Group work allows students to engage actively, discuss concepts among themselves, and collaborate on tasks. The lecture provides a structured introduction to the material. This combination helps cater to different learning styles, promotes interaction among students, and can make the learning experience more engaging and participatory for a larger group.

So, the suggested option is B. Group work with a lecture.

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