Shah Waliullah was born on?

A. 21 February 1700
B. 21 February 1701
C. 21 February 1702
D. 21 February 1703


Correct Answer: D. 21 February 1703

Detail about MCQs

Shah Waliullah Dehlawi, also known as Shah Waliullah al-Dihlawi, was an influential Islamic scholar, theologian, and reformer who lived in the Indian subcontinent during the 18th century. He was born in Delhi on February 21, 1703, and he played a significant role in the religious and intellectual landscape of his time. Shah Waliullah is renowned for his efforts to revive and reform Islamic thought and practice in India. He sought to bridge the gap between traditional Islamic scholarship and the needs of the Muslim community in India during a period of political and cultural change. He translated many important Islamic texts from Arabic into Persian and Urdu, making them more accessible to a wider audience.

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