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2023 All Papers Everyday Science MCQs Quiz

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Cells that are responsible for photosynthesis in plants?

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Following are the disease due to presence of infective host except?

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While going towards the center of the earth, the weight of a body shall?

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Which of the following blood cells play important role in blood clotting?

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In the bacterial cell, the DNA is found floating in the?

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The gas used in a refrigerator to cool water is ___:

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The density of ice?

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Undigested food is expelled from the human body through?

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When a liquid is placed in a container, the pressure applied to the fluid by the container is equal throughtout the container is the statement of?

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What is the color of phenolphthalein indicator in basic medium?

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Hailstorm occurs in summer season due to the formation of clouds called ___?

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The percentage of daily total calories obtained from carbohydrates should be?

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If the ratio of solute to solvent is low, the solution is said to be?

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The reaction which releases or gives off heat energy is called?

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Determinants of disease means?

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 What name is given to the natural painkiller secreted by the brain that resemble opiate?

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Sea water is converted into fresh water by using the phenomenon of?

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What information about an earthquake defines its size?

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The extraction of metal from the ore is done by “Smelting” which involves:

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The process in which acid is mixed with base, and then a salt and water are formed is called?

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What is the name of iron-containing protein that gives red colour to the blood?

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What is the more common name for Hansen’s disease?

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The distance between the optical centre and the principal focus is called?

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The skydivers use parachutes to easily descend towards the earth because it?

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Controlling rods inserted into the reactor are of metal?

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