In February 2023, ADB okays $_____ million for Balochistan`s flood-affected areas.

A. $3 million
B. $5 million
C. $7 million
D. $9 million


Correct Answer: B. $5 million

Detail About MCQs

he Asian Development Bank has approved emergency assistance of $5 million for climate resilient seeds for staple crop cultivation, and women-led livelihood to meet basic household needs in flood-hit areas of Balochistan. The ADB financing will support rural farm households in four districts of Nasirabad division. The most flood-impacted area in Balochistan is Nasirabad division, which has six districts: Jaffarabad, Jhal Magsi, Kacchi, Nasirabad, Sohbatpur, and Usta Muhammad. The aid will provide 60,000 out of a total of 188,000 households in the target districts with climate-resilient rice seed. The seeds will be sown on 54,000 hectares in the province.

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