Who is the current Chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB)?

A. Ehsan Mani
B. Najam Sethi
C. Zaka Ashraf
D. Ramiz Raja


Correct Answer: C. Zaka Ashraf 

Detailed About MCQs

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) welcomed its third chief in the past six and a half months on July 6, 2023 when Zaka Ashraf took charge of the Interim Management Committee (IMC). On Dec 20 last year, Ramiz Raja was the chairman. He was removed by Prime Minister and PCB patron Shehbaz Sharif, who named an 11-member IMC headed by Najam Sethi, which worked till June 20. And now, another IMC, a 10-member body, was formed on 5 July 2023 with Zaka as its chairman.

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