International Left Handers Day 2023, celebrated on?

A. 12 August
B. 13 August
C. 14 August
D. 15 August


Correct Answer: B. 13 August

Detail about MCQs

International Left-Handers Day, observed annually on August 13th, is a global celebration that recognizes and appreciates the diverse skills, talents, and viewpoints of left-handed individuals. The day highlights the distinctive contributions left-handers make across various domains, from art and science to sports and daily life, emphasizing the value of diversity. International Left-Handers Day 2023 is dedicated to commemorating the uniqueness of left-handed people worldwide. It raises awareness about the achievements and challenges faced by left-handers, fostering inclusiveness and empathy in a predominantly right-handed world. With only around 10% of the global population being left-handed.

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