According to UNDP survey more than ___ million people out of Sri-Lanka’s 22.16 million strong population are vulnerable amid claims of a “recovering” economy?

A. 11 million
B. 12 million
C. 14 million
D. 16 million


Correct Answer: B. 12 million

Detail about MCQs

Colombo, September 3, A United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) survey reveals that 55.7% of Sri Lanka’s population, or 12.34 million people out of 22.16 million, face multidimensional vulnerability due to the recent economic crisis. The study, conducted in partnership with the ‘Citra Social Innovation Lab,’ examined education, health, living standards, and 12 indicators like school attendance and unemployment. Rural areas bear the brunt, with 82% of the vulnerable population residing there, emphasizing the need for policy attention.

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