When Japan has launched Moon Sniper lunar lander SLIM into Space?

A. 12 September 2023
B. 7 September 2023
C. 15 September 2023
D. 8 September 2023


Correct Answer: B. 7 September 2023

Detail about MCQs

Japan launched a lunar exploration spacecraft on 7 September 2023, Dubbed the “moon sniper”, Japan aims to land SLIM within 100 metres of its target site on the lunar surface. The $100-million mission is expected to start the landing by February after a long, fuel-efficient approach trajectory. The big objective of SLIM is to prove the high-accuracy landing … to achieve ‘landing where we want’ on the lunar surface, rather than ‘landing where we can’,” JAXA President Hiroshi Yamakawa told a news conference.

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