Photon of the lowest wavelength is related to?

A. Balmes Series
B. Pfund Series
C. Bracket Series
D. Pasches Series


Correct Answer: B. Pfund Series

Detail about MCQs

The Pfund series is a series of spectral lines in the hydrogen atoms emission spectrum. It is associated with transitions of electrons in hydrogen atoms from higher energy levels to the fifth energy level (n=5). These transitions result in the emission of photons of light.
The Pfund series falls within the ultraviolet portion of the electromagnetic spectrum and consists of a set of lines representing different wavelengths of emitted light as electrons in hydrogen atoms move from higher energy levels to the fifth energy level (n=5).
In summary, the Pfund series is a specific set of spectral lines corresponding to transitions in hydrogen atoms that involve electrons moving to the fifth energy level.

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