Which Israeli defense companies were part of the collaboration for the Barak tank’s development?

A. Boeing and Lockheed Martin
B. Elbit Systems, Rafael, and Elta
C. BAE Systems and Airbus
D. Northrop Grumman and Raytheon


Correct Answer: B. Elbit Systems, Rafael and Elta

Detail about MCQs

These Israeli defense companies, Elbit Systems, Rafael, and Elta, were part of the collaboration for the development of the Barak tank, also known as the Merkava Mark 5. They played a significant role in contributing to the technological advancements and capabilities of this cutting-edge main battle tank. Elbit Systems is a leading Israeli defense electronics company known for its innovations in various defense technologies, including communication, surveillance, and unmanned systems.
Rafael Advanced Defense Systems is another prominent Israeli defense company specializing in advanced weapon systems, including missile defense and precision-guided munitions.
Elta, a subsidiary of the Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), specializes in radar and electronic warfare systems, making important contributions to the tank’s sensors and electronics. Together, these companies contributed their expertise and technology to enhance the performance and capabilities of the Barak tank.

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