NASA’s curiosity rover was launched to study mars, has completed its 4000 Martian days on mars on?

A. 7 November 2023
B. 9 November 2023
C. 11 November 2023
D. 14 November 2023


Correct Answer: A. 7 November 2023

Detail about MCQs

NASA’s Curiosity rover completed 4,000 Martian days on Mars on November 7, 2023. The rover landed on Mars’ Gale Crater on August 5, 2012. Curiosity explores Gale Crater and acquires rock, soil, and air samples for onboard analysis. The car-size rover is about as tall as a basketball player and uses a 7 foot-long arm to place tools close to rocks selected for study. Curiosity’s large size allows it to carry an advanced kit of 10 science instruments. It has tools including 17 cameras, a laser to vaporize and study small pinpoint spots of rocks at a distance, and a drill to collect powdered rock samples.

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