Which social work practice approach emphasizes addressing systemic barriers and promoting social change?

A. Advocacy –Based Practice
B. Individual Counseling
C. Supportive Counseling
D. Crisis Intervention


Correct Answer: A. Advocacy – Based Practice

Detail about Mcqs

Advocacy-Based Practice:
Advocacy-Based Practice is a social work approach that focuses on addressing systemic issues, advocating for social change, and promoting justice.
Social workers engaging in advocacy work aim to identify and challenge systemic barriers, inequalities, and injustices that contribute to the challenges faced by individuals or communities.
This approach involves speaking out on behalf of clients or communities, lobbying for policy changes, and working towards the creation of a more equitable and just social system.
While other social work approaches, such as individual counseling and crisis intervention, may focus on addressing immediate needs, advocacy-based practice targets the root causes of social problems to bring about broader and lasting change.

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