Indiscrimately cutting down of tress is called?

A. Afforestation
B. Deforestation
C. Both A & B
D. None of these


Correct Answer: B. Deforestation

Detail about MCQs

Deforestation refers to the indiscriminate cutting down or removal of trees and forests, often resulting in the transformation of forested land into non-forest areas. This process can occur due to various reasons such as agricultural expansion, urbanization, logging, infrastructure development, and wildfires. Deforestation has significant environmental consequences, including habitat loss, soil erosion, disruption of ecosystems, loss of biodiversity, and contribution to climate change through the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Efforts to combat deforestation often involve measures such as reforestation (replanting trees in deforested areas), afforestation (planting trees in areas that were previously not forested), conservation initiatives, and sustainable land management practices.

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