In April 2024, Iran launched retaliatory attacks against Israel with drones, the attack was codenamed as:

A. Al-Aqsa Flood
B. Iron Sword
C. True Promise
D. Erase-BadBlood


Correct Answer: C. True Promise

Detail About MCQs

On 13 April 2024, the Iranian military launched an air attack, firing more than 300 standoff weapons at Israel, including at least 170 aerial drones, 30 cruise missiles, and 120 ballistic missiles. The attack, which constituted the largest single drone attack in history, was described as a success by Iran and as a failure by Israel. The attack was codenamed by Iran as “Operation True Promise“. Iran said it was retaliation for the Israeli bombing of the Iranian embassy in Damascus on 1 April, which killed two Iranian generals.

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