Pakistan’s historic Lunar Mission iCube-Q has been launched from which city of China, named?

A. Beijing
B. Hangzhou
C. Hainan
D. None


Correct Answer: C. Hainan

Detail About MCQs

Pakistan on Friday launched its first-ever lunar mission iCube-Q aboard China’s unmanned Chang’e 6 probe from the Chinese city of Hainan. The iCUBE-Q, or CubeSats, was launched at around 5:27 p.m. China time (0927GMT) from the Wenchang Space Launch Site, aboard the Chang’e-6 mission which blasted off into space on the Long March5 Y8 rocket. Pakistan’s top diplomat in Beijing Khalil Hashmi confirmed on X that the launch was “successful.” It will be “deployed in Moon orbit on 8 May,” said Hashmi, who attended the launch ceremony in Hainan. 

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