The name of newly-built Cricket Stadium, near New York, the USA, is:

A. Grand Prairie Stadium
B. Central Broward Regional Park
C. Nassau County International Cricket Stadium
D. Smart Choice Moosa Stadium


Correct Answer: C. Nassau County International Cricket Stadium

Detail About MCQs

British author George Orwell once said, “Sports is war minus the shooting.” In modern sports, when we speak about the greatest rivalries, a cricket match between archrivals India and Pakistan truly lives up to the saying. One such battle will occur Sunday in the T20 Cricket World Cup at the newly built Nassau Stadium in New York. Unfortunately, there is space for just 34,000 spectators. With armies of Indian and Pakistani fans ready to descend on the Big Apple, ticket prices are soaring. The tickets are reportedly selling for thousands of dollars each, but die-hard fans still go after them. After all, both are former champions, India having won the title in 2007 and Pakistan two years later. 

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