The recent in mob attack on foreign students in the Kyrgyz capital of Bishkek in which five Pakistani students were injured happened on ____, 2024?

A. May 16
B. May 15
C. May 17
D. May 18


Correct Answer: C. May 17

Detail About MCQs

The 2024 Bishkek riots were attacks on foreigners by ethnic Kyrgyz mobs in Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan. The clashes lasted from May 17th to the 18th, with four reported deaths. Foreign governments with citizens in the country took a deep concern, with the Pakistani government successfully evacuating 3000+ Pakistani students. Kyrgyzstan is a common destination for medical students, given its cheap costs of education and internationally recognized medical degrees. It had more than 60 thousand foreign students in 2021, including 14,500 Indian students and 10,000 Pakistani students.

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