Which country parliament on May 28, 2024, suspended lawmaker Sebastien Delogu for a period of two weeks for holding up a Palestinian flag, during a debate over recognition of Palestinian statehood.

A. German
C. French


Correct Answer: C. French

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The French parliament on Tuesday suspended a ‘left-wing’ lawmaker for two weeks. The lawmaker held up a Palestinian flag, during a ‘heated debate’ over whether France should recognize Palestinian statehood. Sebastien Delogu, a member of parliament representing the radical-left ‘France Unbowed’ (LFI) party (from the southern city of Marseille), stood up with the flag during questions to the government. The speaker of the house, ‘Yael Braun-Pivet’ denounced what she termed as his unacceptable behavior. Lawmakers then voted to suspend him for two weeks and cut his parliamentary allowance by half, for two months.

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