Over two dozen countries signed a wishful “declaration of peace with the ocean” on _____, 2024, in Costa Rica.

A. June 5
B. June 6
C. June 7
D. June 8


Correct Answer: D. June 8

Detail About MCQs

  • Among the signatories were: Germany; Spain; Sweden; Canada; Colombia; Chile; Israel; and South Korea, as well as Costa Rica and France, co-hosts of the third UN Ocean Conference to be held next June in the French city of Nice.
  • The peace declaration includes a call for twelve “Ocean Actions,” notably the implementation of several ocean-related international accords agreed to last year. Those include a landmark high seas treaty that allows for the creation of marine protected areas outside of countries’ exclusive economic zones.
  • The treaty was adopted after more than 15 years of discussions to extend environmental protections to international waters which make up more than 60 percent of the world’s oceans.

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