Pok stands for _____.

A. Pakistan Occupied Kashmir
B. Pakistan Originated Kashmir
C. Pakistan Operational Kashmir
D. None of these


correct Answer: A. Pakistan Occupied Kashmir

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Pok stands for Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. The princely state of Jammu and Kashmir came into being in 1846 after the First Anglo-Sikh War. The territory shares a border with Gilgit-Baltistan, together with which it is referred to by the United Nations and other international organizations as “Pakistan administered Kashmir”.

HRCP stands for ____.

A. Hydrogen Reserved Commission of Pakistan
B. High Resource Commission of Pakistan
C. Human Rights Community of Pakistan
D. Human Rights Commission of Pakistan


Correct Answer: D. Human Rights Commission of Pakistan

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The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan is an independent, democratic non-profit organization. Founded in 1987, it is one of the oldest human rights organizations in the country. HRCP is committed to monitoring, protecting, and promoting human rights in Pakistan.

CAI stands for ___.

A. Computer-Assisted Instruction
B. Combine-Assisted Instruction
C. Computer-Assisted Inputs
D. Commonly-Assisted Inputs


Correct Answer: A. Computer-Assisted Instruction

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CAI stands for Computerassisted instruction. Computer-assisted instruction is an interactive instructional technique whereby a computer is used to present the instructional material and monitor the learning that takes place.