Find the relationship similar to Threat: Insecurity?

A. Challenge: Fight
B. Speed: Acceleration
C. Both a & b
D. None of these


Correct Answer: B. Speed: Acceleration

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The relationship between “Threat” and “Insecurity” is that a threat often causes or leads to insecurity. Similarly, “Speed” and “Acceleration” have a related relationship where speed is a result of acceleration.
Therefore, the correct analogy is: B. Speed: Acceleration

Abu al-Hikm is the title of?

A. Abu Jehl
B. Abu Bakar
C. Abu Lahab
D. Abu Hurairah


Correct Answer: D. Abu Hurairah

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The title “Abu al-Hikm” belongs to:
D. Abu Hurairah
Detail: Abu Hurairah, whose real name was Abdur-Rahman ibn Sakhr, was a companion of the Prophet Muhammad known for his exceptional memory and the large number of Hadiths (sayings and actions of the Prophet) he narrated. His title “Abu Hurairah” means “Father of the Kitten,” reflecting his fondness for cats. The title “Abu al-Hikm” means “Father of Wisdom,” indicating his esteemed status as a knowledgeable and wise companion of the Prophet.

What is the theme for ‘World Food Safety Day 2024’?

A. Prepare for the unexpected
B. Food Standards Save Lives
C. Safer food, better health
D. Safe food today for a healthy tomorrow


Correct Answer: A. Prepare for the unexpected

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World Food Safety Day, celebrated on June 7th, raises awareness about food safety and promotes actions to prevent foodborne risks. Initiated by the UN in 2016 and supported by FAO and WHO, it underscores the importance of safe, nutritious food for all. Officially recognized on August 3, 2020, this day emphasizes food safety’s critical role in global health. This year’s theme has been revealed as: Food safety: Prepare for the unexpected

You can automatically include all of the field in a table in a query by___ a strike that appear list box in query design view?

A. Clicking
B. Right clicking
C. Double clicking
D. None of these


Correct Answer: C. Double clicking

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To automatically include all of the fields in a table in a query in Microsoft Access, you can: C. Double clicking

Double-clicking on the asterisk (*) that appears in the list box in the query design view will include all the fields from the selected table in your query

What is a form in MS Access?

A. It is a printed page where users will write their data to fill it up
B. It is an input screen designed to make the viewing and entering data easier
C. This is an important part of database used by analysts to draw conclusions
D. All of above


Correct Answer: B. It is an input screen designed to make the viewing and entering data easier

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In MS Access, a form is: B. It is an input screen designed to make the viewing and entering data easier

Forms are used to create a user-friendly interface for data entry and navigation. They allow users to input, modify, and view data in a structured and visually appealing way, making interaction with the database more intuitive

What are the columns in a Microsoft Access table called?

A. Rows
B. Records
C. Fields
D. Columns


Correct Answer: C. Fields

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In a Microsoft Access table, the columns are called: C. Fields

Fields represent the individual pieces of data stored for each record in the table. Each field has a specific datatype and can contain different kinds of data, such as text, numbers, dates, etc.

A search value can be an exact value or it can be?

A. Logical Operator
B. Relationship
C. Wild card character
D. Comparison operation


Correct Answer: C. Wild card character

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When performing searches in databases or query design windows, a search value is used to match specific data within the database. This search value can be an exact value, such as a specific number or text string. Alternatively, it can use a wild card character to allow for more flexible searches.

What is the theme of the World Environment Day 2024?

A. Time for Nature
B. Only One Earth
C. Land restoration, desertification and drought resilience
D. Beat Plastic Pollution


Correct Answer: C. Land restoration, desertification and drought resilience

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Theme of World Environment Day 2024This year, the theme of World Environment Day is – Land restoration, desertification and drought resilience. “According to the UN Convention to Combat Desertification, up to 40 per cent of the planet’s land is degraded, directly affecting half of the world’s population.

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