The widely used antibiotic “Penicillin” was discovered in 1928 by a/an ________ scientist Alexander Fleming?

A. American
B. British
C. Swedish
D. Scottish


Correct Answer: D. Scottish

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The discovery of penicillin is one of the most significant events in the history of medicine. In 1928, Scottish bacteriologist Alexander Fleming accidentally discovered the antibiotic properties of Penicillium mold. He observed that a mold called Penicillium notatum inhibited the growth of bacteria in a petri dish. This chance observation led to the development of the first antibiotic drug, penicillin, which revolutionized medicine by providing an effective treatment for bacterial infections. Fleming’s discovery laid the foundation for the era of antibiotics and significantly impacted medical practices, saving countless lives worldwide

Which country is the largest producer of bananas in the world?

B. Ecuador
C. India
D. South Africa


Correct Answer: C. India

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The Union Ministry of Commerce has stated that India has exported a total of 1.91 lakh tonne worth Rs 619 crore, during the financial year 2020-21. In the previous FY 2019-20, the banana exports stood at a higher quantum of 1.95 lakh metric tonne banana valued at Rs 660 crore. India is the largest producer of bananas, with a share of 25% of world output.

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