Pakistan and China signed Sino-Pakistan boundary agreement on:

A. 1966
B. 1963
C. 1965
D. None of these


Correct Answer: B. 1963

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The Sino-Pakistan boundary agreement was signed in 1963 between Pakistan and China. This agreement outlined the border between the two countries, particularly in the regions of Gilgit-Baltistan and the Karakoram Mountains. It established the boundaries and resolved territorial disputes, strengthening the diplomatic relations between Pakistan and China

Identify the Russia’s Ambassador to Turkey who assassinated at an Ankara art exhibit:

A. Georgy Zarubin
B. Andrey Karlov
C. Yuri Ryzhov
D. Mevlut Mert Altintas


Correct Answer: B. Andrey Karlov

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Veteran diplomat Andrei Karlov was shot nine times in the back by off-duty Turkish policeman Mevlut Mert Altintas at the opening of an exhibition of Russian photography on December 19, 2016.

“2016 Raad ul Barq” military exercise has been conducted by which country?

A. Afghanistan
B. India
C. Iran
D. Pakistan


Correct Answer: D. Pakistan

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The comprehensive joint exercise “2016 Raad ul Barq – Strike of thunder” has been conducted by the Pakistan Army and Pakistan Air Force in Khairpur Tamewali firing range of Cholistan desert, near the Indo-Pak border, to showcase the combat readiness of the country’s defense line with live firepower demonstration using heavy artillery fighter jets and air defense weapons.

“Hamas” was founded in 1987 by:

A. Yasser Arafat
B. Ismail Haniyeh
C. Khalid Meshaal
D. None of these


Correct Answer: D. None of these

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Sheikh Ahmed Ismail Hassan Yassin (1937 – 22 March 2004) was a founder of Hamas, a Palestinian paramilitary organization and political party. Yassin also served as the spiritual leader of the organization. Hamas gained popularity in Palestinian society by establishing hospitals, education systems, libraries, and other services Yassin, a quadriplegic who was nearly blind, had used a wheelchair since a sporting accident at the age of 12. He was assassinated when an Israeli helicopter gunship fired a missile at him as he was being wheeled from early morning prayers. His killing, in an attack that claimed the lives of both his bodyguards and nine bystanders, precipitated both criticism and praise of Israel, and many observers suggested that the act would negatively impact the peace process. 200,000 Palestinians attended his funeral procession.

Who were David Ben-Gurion, Golda Meir, and Menachem Begin?

A. Leaders of the modern state of Israel
B. Scientist who developed better methods of discovering oil
C. Clergy who supported Islamic Fundamentalism
D. Egyptian presidents who encouraged peace with Israel


Correct Answer: A. Leaders of the modern state of Israel

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All three people were Prime Minister of Israel at one time

In the 1990’s, the action by the Israeli Government that has most divided Israeli society has been the decision to:

A. Grant control of part of the West Bank and Gaza Strip to the Palestinians
B. Support the United States—led Allied Coalition during the Persian Gulf War
C. Support the Camp David accords
D. Oppose Islamic fundamentalist rule in Iran


A. Grant control of part of the West Bank and Gaza Strip to the Palestinians

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In the 1990s, Israel has slowly granted the Palestinians more land and self-rule as a step in the peace-making process. This has caused discontent among many Israelis.

As a peace process continues in the Middle East, a major stumbling block to a settlement of the Arab-Israeli conflict is the question of:

A. Ownership and operation of the Suez Canal
B. Control of the Arabian Peninsula
C. Representation of Palestinian Arabs and Israelis
D. Land and civil rights for Palestinian Arabs


Correct Answer: D. Land and civil rights for Palestinian Arabs

In 1979, the signing of the Camp David Accords by Egypt and Israel indicated that:

A. Nationalism was no longer a force in Middle Eastern politics
B.The differences between Shi’ite and Sunni Moslems had been settled
C. Former enemies were able to negotiate
D. The Soviet Union dominated Middle Eastern affairs


Correct Answer: C. Former enemies were able to negotiate

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The Camp David Accords was the first peace treaty ever signed by Israel and an Arab nation. It ended the state of war between Israel and Egypt.

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