The auto shapes tool in Power Point provides you with?

A. Fancy text to place on your slide
B. Commonly found Shapes
C. Any Shape you want to add on a slide
D. Clip art that is related to your presentation


Correct Answer: B. Commonly found Shapes

Detail about MCQs

Inserting an Auto shape. Power Point provides different auto shapes you can use to enhance you slides. Let suppose, an Auto shape can be a useful graphical element. AutoShapes include lines, arrows, banners, stars, and other shapes you can add to your presentation.

In Power Point the header and footer button can be found in which tab?

A. Design
B. Slide Show
C. Insert
D. View


Correct Answer: C. Insert 

Detail about MCQs

Header and Footer are typically present in insert Ribbon, Power Point allows you to create headers and footers, that is information that appears at the top and bottom of all slides. This information will typically include the name of presenters, their affiliation, and the presentation title, slide number, date etc.

Which is the menu to create a text box on a slide?

A. Tools – Text Box
B. View – Text Box
C. Insert – Text Box
D. Format – Text Box


Correct Answer: C. Insert – Text Box

Detail About MCQs

In PowerPoint a text box is a special type of drawing object that lets you insert and position text anywhere in a presentation. For direct access to the text box, you can press Alt + N to go to the insert tab and then Alt + X to create a text box.

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