The lowest point of altitude in Pakistan is?

A. Trich Mir
B. Arabian Sea
C. Cholistan Desert
D. Indus River


Correct Answer: B. Arabian Sea

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The lowest point of altitude in Pakistan is the Arabian Sea coastline, which reaches sea level. The shoreline along the Arabian Sea serves as Pakistan’s southern boundary, stretching from the southwestern province of Balochistan to the southeastern province of Sindh.

Gomal Pass connects _____.

A. Wakhan with Gilgit
B. DI Khan with Ghazni
C. Chaman with Nuristan
D. None of the Above


Correct Answer: B. DI Khan with Ghazni 

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Gumal Pass, also spelled Gomal Pass, route along the Gumal River valley in the extreme southwestern portion of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, Pakistan. The most important pass between the Khyber and Bolān passes connects Ghaznī in eastern Afghanistan with Tank and Dera Ismail Khan in Pakistan via Domandi and Kot Murtaza.

Dorah Pass connects Chitral (Pak) with _____.

A. Xinjiang (China)
B. Ladakh (India)
C. Badakhshan (Afg)
D. Tibet (China)


Correct Answer: C. Badakhshan (Afg)

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Dorah Pass, also called Durah Pass, connects Badakshan Province of Afghanistan with Chitral District in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. The Dorah Pass is more than 14,000 feet high. It is located along the Durand Line border and crosses the Hindu Kush mountain range. Elevation: 4,300 m.

Muztagh Pass connects ______.

A. Hunza with Gilgit
B. Baltistan with Yarkand
C. Bannu with Afghanistan
D. Gilgit with Kashgar


Correct Answer: B. Baltistan with Yarkand

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The route across the Mustagh Pass is the shortest route from Yarkand to Skardu on the upper Indus River in Baltistan, from where caravans used to head on to Srinigar in Kashmir. The pass is situated about midway between the Karakoram Pass to the east, which leads to Leh in Ladakh, and the Kilik and Mintaka passes to the west which leads to Hunza and Gilgit.