Who is the current UN special representative for Afghanistan?

A. Maxim Bakiyev
B. Kurmanbek Bakiyev
C. Roza Otunbayeva
D. Sadyr Japarov


Correct Answer: C. Roza Otunbayeva

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United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has named former Kyrgyzstan president Roza Otunbayeva as the UN`s new special representative for Afghanistan, his office said. She is replacing another woman, Canadian Deborah Lyons, as head of the UN mission in Afghanistan, where the rights of women and girls have been drastically curtailed since the Taliban`s return to power last year. 

Who is the current spokesman of Taliban Foreign Ministry?

A. Amir Khan Muttaqi
B. Abdul Qahar Balkhi
C. Salahuddin Rabbani
D. Atiqullah Atifmal


Correct Answer: B. Abdul Qahar Balkhi

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Abdul Qahar Balkhi is an Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan official and the current spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan since 25 September 2021. Balkhi first appeared publicly at the Taliban’s first press conference on 17 August 2021, after the fall of Kabul.

Who is the current chairman of the Afghanistan Cricket Board?

A. Ikram Hussain
B. Shahzad Khan
C. Azizullah Fazli
D. Mirwais Ashraf


Correct Answer: D. Mirwais Ashraf 

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The Taliban on November 10, 2021, appointed former all-rounder Mirwais Ashraf as acting chairman of the Afghanistan Cricket Board to replace Azizullah Fazli, who was in charge for just two months. Afghanistan media reported the decision was taken after demands by national players while meeting Taliban officials in Abu Dhabi during the ongoing Twenty20 World Cup.

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