Note: FPSC FIA Past Paper Solved MCQs will help in preparation for the different posts of FIA announced by FPSC. We have collected questions from the past papers which will be helpful in the preparation of the test according to the syllabus. Set-3 Contains 100 MCQs.


1. Pakistan Left Cento in?

A. 1976
B. 1977
C. 1979
D. 1980


Correct Answer: C. 1979


2. The Current head of the state bank of Pakistan is:

A. Imran Ismail
B. Reza Baqir
C. Arif Alvi
D. Akhtar Mahmood Wathra


Correct Answer: B. Reza Baqir 


3. The President of Iraq is:

A. Faud Masum
B. Barham Salih
C. Miliband
D. Sikandar Merza


Correct Answer: B. Barham Salih


4. The first United States president who visited Pakistan?

A. Donald Trump
B. Dwelight Eisenhower
C. Jigme Khesar
D. Franklin D. Rosevelt


Correct Answer: B. Dwelight Eisenhower 


5. When 1956 constitution passed?

A. 26 March 1956
B. 23 March 1956
C. 23 April 1956
D. 23 May 1956


Correct Answer: B. 23 March 1956


6. The first constitution took time information?

A. 8 years
B. 6 years
C. 9 years
D. 10 years


Correct Answer: C. 9 years 


7. Objective resolution passed on?

A. 12 March 1949
B. 23 March 1948
C. 5 September 1950
D. 23 April 1949


Correct Answer: A. 12 March 1949 


8. Age of president according to the 1956 constitution?

A. 60
B. 40
C. 55
D. 66


Correct Answer: B. 40 


9. Which of the following blood group is the universal recipient?

A. O+
B. B+
C. AB+
D. A+


Correct Answer: C. AB+


10. The light-year is the unit of:

A. Speed
B. Energy
C. Displacement
D. Distance


Correct Answer: D. Distance


11. How many particles are there in Atom?

A. 6
B. 3
C. 4
D. 5


Correct Answer: B. 3


12. The Nobel Prize Named AlGore is for:

A. Global Warming
B. Peace
C. Education
D. None of these


Correct Answer: A. Global Warming


13. Hazrat Haroon and Hazrat Musa were:

A. Son/Father
B. Brothers
C. Cousins
D. Uncle/Nephew


Correct Answer: B. Brothers


14. The biggest cat in the lion family is:

A. Cheetah
B. Elephant
C. Tiger
D. Kangaroo


Correct Answer: C. Tiger


15. The Accession of Creamea was signed in:

A. 28 March 2014
B. 16 March 214
C. 14 March 2014
D. 17 March 2014


Correct Answer: C. 14 March 2014


16. Along which coast of India a 45- day-long ban on fishing was imposed from midnight on 14 April 2014?

A. Western Zone
B. Eastern Zone
C. North Zone
D. southeast Zone


Correct Answer: B. Eastern Zone 


17. The name of the common mineral salt present in sweat is:

A. Phosphate
B. Iodine
C. Sodium Chloride
D. Sodium Carbonate


Correct Answer: C. Sodium Chloride


18. The number of spark plugs needed in a diesel engine?

A. 0
B. 1
C. 2
D. 3


Correct Answer: A. 0


19. President of UN Assembly appointed for the term of:

A. 3 years
B. 4 years
C. 1 year
D. 2 years


Correct Answer: C. 1 year


20. The number of Non-Permanent members of the Security Council is:

A. 10
B. 12
C. 8
D. 6


Correct Answer: A. 10


21. SAARC Islands countries are:

A. Sri Lanka
B. Maldives
C. Both A & B
D. None of these


Correct Answer: C. Both A & B


22. The Capital of Austria is:

A. Baku
B. Kabul
C. Dhaka
D. Vienna


Correct Answer: D. Vienna 


23. First General election on the adult electoral basis in Pakistan?

A. 1988
B. 1986
C. 1984
D. 1982


Correct Answer: A. 1988 


24. Plants intake _____and exhale ____in morning.

A. Oxygen and Carbon dioxide
B. Air and Oxygen
C. Carbon dioxide and Oxygen
D. Nitrogen and Oxygen


Correct Answer: C. Carbon dioxide and Oxygen 


25. Calcium Carbonate is the name of:

A. Soda Lime
B. Lime Stone
C. Lime Carbonate
D. Baking Soda


Correct Answer: B. Lime Stone

26. The Boiling Point of Patrol is:

A. 95 Degrees Kalvin
B. 85 Centigrade
C. 95 Centigrade
D. 95 Fahrenheit


Correct Answer: C. 95 Centigrade


27. If 16 workers complete a work in10 days. How many days would four workers take? What was the answer?

A. 20
B. 30
C. 40
D. 80


Correct Answer: C. 40


28. Typhoid fever attacks which of the following organs?

A. Liver
B. Lungs
C. Intestines
D. All of the above


Correct Answer: D. All of the above


29. The sum of the first five prime numbers is:

A. 30
B. 28
C. 26
D. 24


Correct Answer: B. 28


30. The sum of the first six number is:

A. 51
B. 42
C. 41
D. 31


Correct Answer: C. 41


31. Which pass connects Pakistan and China:

A. Khyber Pass
B. Khanjrab Pass
C. Both a & b
D. None of these


Correct Answer: B. Khanjrab Pass


32. The full form of IAEA is:

A. International Atomic Emergency Agency
B. International Authority Energy Agency
C. International Atomic Energy Agency
D. International Atomic Embolized Agency


Correct Answer: C. International Atomic Energy Agency 


33. Deficiency of Vitamin C cause:

A. Beri Beri
B. Rickets
C. Anemia
D. Scurvy


Correct Answer: D. Scurvy 


34. Barometer is used to measure:

A. Water Pressure
B. Air pressure
C. Humidity
D. None of these


Correct Answer: B. Air Pressure 


35. Which of the following organs pump blood?

A. Heart
B. Kidneys
C. Lungs
D. Spleen


Correct Answer: A. Heart 


36. A trouser is bought for 650, sold for 580, how much loss?

A. 80
B. 70
C. 77
D. 65


Correct Answer: B. 70 


37. The length of the tank is 6m, width 4m, height 3m what is the volume of the tank?

A. 73m
B. 63
C. 72
D. 80


Correct Answer: C. 72 


38. International bank for reconstructions and development:

A. Muslim Commercial Bank
B. World Bank
C. State Bank
D. All of the above


Correct Answer: B. World Bank 


39. Bronze belongs to which of the following category?

A. Mineral
B. Atom
C. Alloy
D. Silver


Correct Answer: C. Alloy 


40. Gazwa Uhad was fought in which hijri?

A. 6 Hijri
B. 3 Hijri
C. 5 Hijri
D. 8 Hijri


Correct Answer: 3 Hijri 


41. The meaning of the word Fatiha is:
A. Stopping
B. Starting
C. Ending
D. Finishing


Correct Answer: B. Starting 


42. Worm is belonging to which category?

A. Animal
B. Birds
C. Plant
D. Insects


Correct Answer: D. Insects 


43. East India Company formed in:

A. 1900
B. 1700
C. 1600
D. 1500


Correct Answer: C. 1600 


44. Hazrat Muhammad SAW had ___ Sons.

A. 5
B. 3
C. 2
D. 1


Correct Answer: B. 3 


45. Muhammad Ali Bogra formula present in assembly on:

A. Oct 1953
B. Jan 1953
C. Mar 1953
D. Feb 1953


Correct Answer: A. Oct 1953 


46. At the time of the first constitution who was the first prime minister?

A. Sikandar Mirza
B. Ch Rehmat Ali
C. Ch Muhammad Ali
D. Liaquat Ali khan


Correct Answer: C. Ch Muhammad Ali 


47. Prophet Muhammad SAW belongs to Family?

A. Quraish
B. Hashim
C. Sheikh
D. Not


Correct Answer: A. Quraish 


48. In the Sacrilegious wars when prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was 20 years of age. Quraish and their allies were lead by?

A. Hazrat Harb bin Umayah R.A
B. Hazrst Umar R.A
C. Hazrat Farooq R.A
D. None of these


Correct Answer: A. Hazrat Harb bin Umayah R.A 


49. To what Prophet the Zabur was revealed by Allah?

A. Prophet Ibrahim A.S
B. Prophet Esa A.S
C. Prophet Dawood A.S
D. Prophet Muhammad SAW


Correct Answer: C. Prophet Dawood A.S 


50. What companion of Prophet (PBUH) was awarded with the title of The Sword of Allah?

A. Khalid bin Waleed R.A
B. Hazrat Ameer Muhwaya R.A
C. Hazrat Umar R.A
D. None of these


Correct Answer: A. Khalid bin Waleed R.A 


51. What was the name of Imam Bukhari (R.A)?

A. Muhammad bin Ismaeel
B. Muhammad Khalid
C. Muhammad Dawood
D. Muhammad Farooq


Correct Answer: A. Muhammad bin Ismaeel 


52. How many times Pakistan become a non-permanent member of the Security Council?

A. 10
B. 8
C. 7
D. 6


Correct Answer: C. 7 


53. Omer Khyaam was?

A. Mathematician
B. Poet
C. Astrologist
D. All of these


Correct Answer: D. All of these 


54. 1st constructed barrage in Pakistan was:

A. Sukkur Barrage
B. Kotri Barrage
C. Sindh Barrage
D. None of above


Correct Answer: A. Sukkur Barrage 


55. The Sensitive Part of the eye is:

A. Retina
B. Cornea
C. Markey
D. Not


Correct Answer: A. Retina 


56. The largest producer of Uranium is?

A. Uzbekistan
B. Tajikistan
C. Kazakistan
D. South Africa


Correct Answer: C. Kazakistan 


57. German Airship caught fire on:

A. 1944
B. 1933
C. 1924
D. 1945


Correct Answer: B. 1933 


58. Water expands when cooled at what degree temperature?

A. 5 degree Celsius
B. 6 degree Celsius
C. 4 degree Celsius
D. 3 degree Celsius


Correct Answer: C. 4 degree Celsius 


59. The Vice president of the USA:

A. Shinzo
B. Joe Biden
C. Franklin D. Rosevelt
D. Kamala Haris


Correct Answer: D. Kamala Haris 


60. The Suez Canal is present in which country?

A. France
B. Egypt
C. Iran
D. Bangladesh


Correct Answer: B. Egypt 


61. The Erath Day celebrated every year on:

A. 22 March
B. 22 April
C. 22 May
D. 22 June


Correct Answer: B. 22 April


62. Volley Ball is the national game of:

A. Japan
B. France
C. England
D. Sri Lanka


Correct Answer: D. Sri Lanka 


63. Bull Fighting is the National Custom of which country?

A. Spain
B. Japan
C. China
D. New Zealand


Correct Answer: A. Spain 


64. Earthquake center point is called:

A. Belowcenter
B. Incenter
C. Epicenter
D. Outcenter


Correct Answer: C. Epicenter 


65. Total number of Surahs in the Holy Quran is:

A. 115
B. 114
C. 6666
D. 112


Correct Answer: B. 114 


66. Oxygenated blood carried by?

A. Arteries
B. Veins
C. Kidneys
D. Aorta


Correct Answer: A. Arteries 


67. Markhor is the National Animal of:

A. Afghanistan
B. Pakistan
C. Iran
D. Burkendi


Correct Answer: B. Pakistan 


68. Lake Saif ul Malok is in which country?

A. Manshahra
B. Ghotki
C. Sanghar
D. None of these


Correct Answer: A. Manshahra 


69. The Niagara River boundaries between:

A. USA & France
B. China & USA
C. USA & Canada
D. USA & Pakistan


Correct Answer: C. USA & Canada 


70. The Fort Munro is located in:

A. Dara Ismael Khan
B. Dara Ghazi Khan
C. Nanga Parbat
D. None of these


Correct Answer: B. Dara Ghazi Khan 


71. The Fundamentals of Islam are:
A. 5
B. 6
C. 4
D. 3


Correct Answer: A. 5 


72. Diamond is made from which of the following material?

A. Silicon
B. Carbon
C. Calcium Carbonate
D. Calcium bisulfate


Correct Answer: B. Carbon 


73. Deficiency of Vitamin A cause:

A. Scurvy
B. Rickets
C. Night Blindness
D. Renal Failure


Correct Answer: C. Night Blindness 


74. Vitamin C is also called:

A. Citric Acid
B. Ascorbic Acid
C. Nitric Acid
D. Sulfuric Acid


Correct Answer: B. Ascorbic Acid 


75. Population wise largest city in the world is?
A. Canberra
B. Canada
C. Tokyo
D. Japan


Correct Answer: C. Tokyo 


76. The largest planet of the Solar System is?

A. Mars
B. Pluto
C. Jupiter
D. Venus


Correct Answer: C. Jupiter 


77. Which planet is Closest to Sun?

A. Mercury
B. Venus
C. Jupiter
D. Neptune


Correct Answer: A. Mercury 


78. Forest in Pakistan of Total Area:

A. 8%
B. 6%
C. 5%
D. 4%


Correct Answer: C. 5% 


79. The first Heart transplant was done in:

A. 1967
B. 1979
C. 1965
D. 1956


Correct Answer: A. 1967 


80. Compact Disk has a capacity of how many MBS?

A. 720MB
B. 680MB
C. 580MB
D. 460MB


Correct Answer: B. 680MB 


81. For the Internet which device is used from the following?

A. Ethernet Cable
B. Modem
C. Light Pen
D. Joy Stick


Correct Answer: B. Modem 


82. The computer part “Keyboard” is used as?

A. Input Device
B. Output Device
C. Storage Device
D. None of these


Correct Answer: A. Input Device 


83. From the following Quantity does Velocity belong?

A. Scalar
B. Vector
C. Both a & b
D. None of these


Correct Answer: B. Vector 


84. What is the age of retirement judge of Supreme Court?

A. 85
B. 45
C. 55
D. 65


Correct Answer: D. 65 


85. The Sound does not pass through:

A. Light
B. Water
C. Vacuum
D. None of these


Correct Answer: C. Vacuum 


86. The Secret Agency of Israel is:

A. Mosad
B. Andol Agency
C. Romanian
D. Athenagence


Correct Answer: A. Mosad 


87. The Aung San Suki was the leader of:

A. Burkina Faso
B. Myanmar
C. Cairo
D. Australia


Correct Answer: B. Myanmar 


88. Ch Rehmat Ali published “now or never” from where?

A. Cambridge
B. Paris
C. London
D. Europe


Correct Answer: A. Cambridge 


89. CNG is the abbreviation of:

A. Control National Gas
B. Compressed National Gas
C. Common Natural Gas
D. Compressed Natural Gas


Correct Answer: D. Compressed Natural Gas 


90. Name the poet who wrote Jeway Jeway Pakistan?

A. Junaid Jamshed
B. Hafiz Jalehindri
C. Jamal Uddin Aali
D. None of these


Correct Answer: C. Jamal Uddin Aali 


91. The Akhri Khutba was delivered on:

A. 10 Hijri
B. 8 Hijri
C. 6 Hijri
D. 4 Hijri


Correct Answer: A. 10 Hijri 


92. Hussain Shaheed Shurwadi belongs to?

A. Kashmir
B. Bengal
C. Afghanistan
D. None of these


Correct Answer: B. Bengal 


93. Pakistan left SEATO in?

A. 1983
B. 1978
C. 1974
D. 1973


Correct Answer: D. 1973 


94. Pakistan left Commonwealth in:

A. 1969
B. 1972
C. 1974
D. 1976


Correct Answer: B. 1972 


95. The Smallest continent of the world is:

A. Australia
B. Africa
C. Asia
D. None of these


Correct Answer: A. Australia 


96. The members of the European Union are:

A. 38
B. 34
C. 27
D. 20


Correct Answer: C. 27 


97. The Computer’s program Excel is used for the following operations?

A. Documentations
B. Calculations
C. Slides
D. None of these


Correct Answer: B. Calculations 


98. Which of the following is not the operating system?

A. Disk Operating System
C. Windows NT
D. Oracle


Correct Answer: D. Oracle


99. Poet Firdausi was the poet of:

A. Urdu
B. Persian
C. Arabic
D. None of these


Correct Answer: B. Persian


100. Pakistan joined NAM in which of the following year?

A. 1989
B. 1979
C. 1978
D. 1982


Correct Answer: B. 1979 


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