Note: General Science Solved Past Papers MCQs Set-1 comprises 100 important Physics, Biology and Chemistry MCQs. These MCQs are taken from different Past Papers and helpful in MDCAT, ETEA and different Medical related posts.


Physics Mcqs

1. From the following remains constant while throwing a ball upward?

A. Displacement
B. Acceleration
C. Velocity
D. Kinetic Energy


Correct Answer: B. Acceleration


2. Pure Water freezes at the temperature of?

A. 32 F
B. 0 F
C. 47 F
D. 18 F


Correct Answer: A. 32 F


3. Zinc Oxide is?

A. Acidic
B. Basic
C. Amphoteric
D. Neutral


Correct Answer: C. Amphoteric


4. From the following is not true about LASER?

A. The emitted LASER light is notable for its high degree of dispersive power unattainable using other technologies
B. A Laser is a device that emits light through a process of optical amplification
C. A Laser beams can be focused to very tiny spots achieving a very high irradiance
D. A Laser light is used in bar code scanners


Correct Answer: A. The emitted LASER light is notable for its high degree of dispersive power unattainable using other technologies


5. If a car is moving and turn its speed for 3.3times what will be the impact on its kinetic energy?

A. 9.89 Times
B. 10.89 Times
C. 8.80 Times
D. 10.50 Times


Correct Answer: B. 10.89 times


6. The degree of hotness or coldness of an object is expressed in terms of:

A. Heat Capacity
B. Heat
C. Heat Energy
D. Temperature


Correct Answer: D. Temperature


7. Which of the following properties of matter is used in the construction of a thermometer?

A. Expansion of matter on heating
B. Change of color with temperature
C. Increase of resistance with rising of temperature
D. All of these


Correct Answer: A. Expansion of matter on heating


8. Mercury is used in mercury-in-glass thermometer as a thermometric substance because:

A. It does not wet the capillary tube walls
B. It is opaque
C. Its expansion is uniform over a wide range of temperature
D. All of the above


Correct Answer: D. All of the above


9. Which thermometric property is used in Liquid in glass thermometers?

A. Color Change on Heating
B. Resistance Change on Heating
C. Thermal Expansion
D. None of these


Correct Answer: C. Thermal Expansion


10. A Centigrade degree is greater than Fahrenheit by?

A. 9/5
B. 5/9
C. 17/5
D. 18/8


Correct Answer: A. 9/5


11. The lower and upper fixed points on Celsius (centigrade) scale are taken to be:

A. 0° and 212 °
B. 0° and 100°
C. 32° and 273°
D. None of these


Correct Answer: B. 0° and 100°


12. The temperature scales Centigrade and Fahrenheit have the same reading at:

A. 140°
B. -43°
C. -40°
D. 50°


Correct Answer: C. -40°


13. The normal temperature of the human body is 37 C°. On Kelvin scale, it is equal to:

A. 373 K
B. 273 K
C. 310 K
D. 236 K


Correct Answer: C. 310 K


14. One degree of temperature scale centigrade (Celsius) is equal to Fahrenheit?

A. 1° of Fahrenheit
B. 1.8° of Fahrenheit
C. 32° of Fahrenheit
D. 3.5° of Fahrenheit


Correct Answer: B. 1.8° of Fahrenheit


15. Which of the following temperature on the Fahrenheit scale corresponds to absolute zero?

A. 212° F
B. 60°F
C. -450° F
D. -460° F


Correct Answer: D. -460° F


16. Absolute zero is considered to be the temperature at which:

A. All gases become liquids
B. Water freezes
C. Molecular motion in gases would cease
D. All liquids become gases


Correct Answer: A. All gases become liquids


17. The temperature scales Kelvin and Fahrenheit show the same reading at what temperature?

A. -57.37°
B. 5.74.20°
C. 574.25 °
D. -574.25°


Correct Answer: C. 574.25 °


18. The average K.E of all the molecules in a substance is a measure of the following?

A. Boiling Point
B. Heat Energy
C. Temperature
D. Specific Heat


Correct Answer: C. Temperature


19. The SI unit of Capacitance is?

A. Newton
B. Farad
C. Joule
D. Capability


Correct Answer: B. Farad


20. Concept of electric field theory was introduced by which of the following Scientists?

A. Dalton
B. Michael Faraday
C. Kepler
D. Nelson Mandela


Correct Answer: B. Michael Faraday


21. Which of the following law governs the force between electric charges is called?

A. Ampere’s law
B. Coulomb’s law
C. Newton’s law
D. Ohm’s law


Correct Answer: B. Coulomb’s law


22. When the distance between two charged particles is halved, the force between them becomes:

A. One – Half
B. Four Times
C. Double
D. Remain Same


Correct Answer: B. Four Times


23. An electric field can deflect:

A. X-rays
B. Neutrons
C. Alpha-particles
D. Gama-rays


Correct Answer: C. Alpha-particles


24. If an electron has an initial velocity in a direction different from that of an electric field, the path of the electron is:

A. A parabola
B. An ellipse
C. A Circle
D. A straight line


Correct Answer: A. A parabola


25. The rate of flow of Electric charge through the surface is known as?

A. Charge
B. Electric Current
C. Power
D. Voltage


Correct Answer: B. Electric Current


26. Current per unit area is called?

A. Current density
B. Electric charge
C. Potential difference
D. Resistance


Correct Answer: A. Current density


27. The temperature at which the value of resistivity falls to zero is called?

A. Lowest temperature
B. Zero temperature
C. Critical temperature
D. Absolute zero temperature


Correct Answer: C. Critical temperature


28. As the charge flows through the conductor energy is dissipated in the form of:

A. Light
B. Heat
C. Solar energy
D. None of these


Correct Answer: B. Heat


29. Which of the following substance will be most suitable for the Transformer core?

A. Soft iron
B. Nickel
C. Steal
D. Copper


Correct Answer: A. Soft iron


30. The SI unit of magnetic induction is?

A. Webber
B. Webber per meter
C. Henry
D. Tesla


Correct Answer: D. Tesla


Biology Mcqs

31. Digestion in man occurs in which of the following?

A. Oral Cavity
B. Small Intestine
C. Stomach
D. All of these


Correct Answer: D. All of these


32. Most obvious functions of the oral cavity are:

A. Selection of Food
B. Mastication
C. Digestion
D. All of these


Correct Answer: D. All of these


33. The structure in the mouth that prevents food from entering the windpipe is the:

A. Soft Plate
B. Epiglottis
C. Tongue
D. Pharynx


Correct Answer: B. Epiglottis


34. Parotid salivary glands are present in:

A. Behind the jaws
B. Below the tongue
C. In front of Ears
D. In the nasal cavity


Correct Answer: C. In front of Ears


35. Oral cavity in man is aided in the selection of food by which of the following the senses?

A. Taste
B. Smell
C. Sight
D. All of these


Correct Answer: D. All of these


36. Which of the following is a function of saliva?

A. Lubrication of Food
B. Digestion of Food
C. Absorption of Food
D. Both A & B


Correct Answer: D. Both A & B 


37. As a result of mastication the softened partly digested slimy food is rolled into small oval lumps called:

A. Swallows
B. Bolus
C. Bowls
D. Loaves


Correct Answer: B. Bolus


38. The beginning of the swallowing action is:

A. Voluntary
B. Involuntary
C. Automatic
D. Reflex Action


Correct Answer: A. Voluntary


39. The opening of the windpipe during swallowing is close by:

A. Larynx
B. Glottis
C. Epiglottis
D. Palate


Correct Answer: C. Epiglottis


40. Hunger Contractions are:

A. Peristaltic Contractions
B. Peristaltic Relaxation
C. Ant peristaltic Movements
D. None of these


Correct Answer: A. Peristaltic Contractions


41. Hunger Contractions are peristaltic contractions that are increased by:

A. Low Blood Glucose Levels
B. Secretion of Gastric Juice
C. High Blood Glucose Levels
D. All of these


Correct Asnwer: B. Secretion of Gastric Juice


42. Which of the following stomach layer is known as Mucosa?

A. Outer Layer
B. Middle Layer
C. Inner Layer
D. All of these


Correct Answer: C. Inner Layer


43. Which type of mucosa cells secretes Pepsinogen?

A. Oxyntic
B. Zymogens
C. Mucous
D. Gastric


Correct Answer: B. Zymogens


44. Which of the following stimulate the secretion of gastric glands?

A. Secretin
B. Bile
C. Gastric
D. Pancreatic


Correct Answer: C. Gastric


45. The structure in the mouth that prevents food from entering the nasal cavities?

A. Epiglottis
B. Soft Plate
C. Tongue
D. Pharynx


Correct Answer: B. Soft Plate


46. A large gland whose exocrine tissues secrete a juice that flows through the pancreatic duct into the duodenum?

A. Liver
B. Gall Bladder
C. Ileum
D. Pancreas


Correct Answer: D. Pancreas


47. Hepatic and pancreatic secretion is stimulated by a hormone called:

A. Zymogen
B. Oxyntic
C. Secretin
D. Gastrin


Correct Answer: C. Secretin


48. Pancreatic amylase is also known as:

A. Secretin
B. Gastrin
C. Amylopsin
D. Lipase


Correct Answer: C. Amylopsin


49. An enzyme contained in the pancreatic juice that splits protein into peptones and polypeptides?

A. Amylopsin
B. Trypsin
C. Pepsin
D. Trypsin


Correct Answer: B. Trypsin


50. Which of the following does not contain enzymes but is helpful indigestion?

A. Bile
B. Gastric Juice
C. Pancreatic Juice
D. Intestinal Juice


Correct Answer: A. Bile


51. Jaundice is caused by:

A. Precipitation of cholesterol in gall Bladder
B. Accumulation of bile pigments in the blood
C. Laceration or Liver rupture
D. Heart Malfunctioning


Correct Answer: B. Accumulation of bile pigments in blood


52. Smoking Spicy food alcoholic beverage coffee tea and stress lead to?

A. Piles
B. Hemorrhoid
C. Botulism
D. Ulcer


Correct Answer: D. Ulcer


53. Which of the following causes Serum Electrolyte imbalance?

A. Dyspepsia
B. Botulism
C. Bulimia Nervosa
D. Anorexia Nervosa


Correct Answer: A. Dyspepsia


54. The masses of dilated tortuous veins in anorectal mucosa that may sometimes start bleeding during bowel movements refer to:

A. Botulism
B. Ulcer
C. Dyspepsia
D. Piles


Correct Answer: D. Piles


55. Abdominal pain, vomiting, and diarrhea all are symptoms of:

A. Obesity
B. Food Poisoning
C. Bulimia Nervosa
D. Anorexia Nervosa


Correct Answer: B. Food Poisoning


56. The lower three-fifth of the small intestine from the jejunum is:

A. Duodenum
B. Pancreas
C. Liver
D. Ileum


Correct Answer: D. Ileum


57. Maltase enzyme converts the maltose into?

A. Lactose
B. Sucrose
C. Glucose
D. Sucrose


Correct Answer: C. Glucose


58. A sphincter muscle present at the end of the Ileum is called:

A. Cardiac Sphincter
B. lleocolic Sphincter
C. Pyloric Sphincter
D. Anal Sphincter


Correct Answer: B. lleocolic Sphincter


59. Which of the following is the cause of Diarrhea?

A. Infection
B. Emotional Disturbance
C. Drug Action
D. All of these


Correct Ansswer: D. All of these


60. In which of the following part of the small intestine does the absorption of the products of digestion take place?

A. Duodenum
B. Jejunum
C. Ileum
D. None of these


Correct Answer: C. Ileum


61. The osmosis of water into the cells results in?

A. Extracellular Oedema
B. Intracellular Oedema
C. Both a & b
D. None of these


Correct Answer: B. Intracellular Oedema


62. The first pair of Arteries that arise from the aorta is:

A. Iliac Veins
B. Coronary Veins
C. Renal Arteries
D. Hepatic portal vein


Correct Answer: B. Coronary Veins


63. The blood vessels with walls that are only one cell thick are:

A. Arteries
B. Veins
C. Venules
D. Capillaries


Correct Answer: D. Capillaries


64. Antibodies are manufactured in?

A. Thymus
B. B-Lymphocytes
C. T-Lymphocytes
D. None of these


Correct Answer: B. B-Lymphocytes


65. In humans Lymph codes are present in:

A. Neck Region
B. Axilla
C. Groin
D. All of these


Correct Answer: D. All of these


66. Congestive heart failure is because of retention of blood in:

A. Lungs
B. Liver
C. Heart
D. Both A & C


Correct Answer: D. Both A & C 


67. ULTRASOUND is used instead of X-rays because x-rays can damage which type of cells?

A. Damage the Vessels
B. Damage Body Cells
C. Damage Brain Cells
D. Stimulate the growth of cancer cells


Correct Answer: B. Demage Body Cells


68. Which of the following help to body to repair and build up tissues and muscles?

A. Carbohydrates
B. Vitamins
C. Proteins
D. Calcium


Correct Answer: C. Proteins


69. Which of the following is not a Reptile?

A. Lizard
B. Salamander
C. Turtle
D. Snake


Correct Answer: B. Salamander


70. The Ostrich is the largest egg laying bird it’s an egg weights in Kg?

A. 2 Kg
B. 2.5 kg
C. 1.5 kg
D. 3.1 Kg


Correct Answer: C. 1.5 kg


Chemistry Mcqs

71. Considering the physical properties of the gases which of the following statements about particles of gas are not true?

A. Randomly moving
B. Orderly Arranged
C. Having Wide Spaces
D. Causing Pressure


Correct Answer: B. Orderly Arranged


72. As gases can adopt the shape of the container so they have?

A. Fixed Shape
B. Not Fixed Shape
C. Different Shape
D. Definite Shape


Correct Answer: B. Not Fixed Shape


73. Which of the following is not a property of Cathode Rays?

A. They can produce x-rays when they strike a heavy metal anode
B. They can cause reduction reaction
C. They produce fluorescence in rare earth and minerals
D. They Comprises neutral particles


Correct Answer: D. They Comprises neutral particles


74. Which of the following is not a Sub-Atomic particle?

A. Electron
B. Deuteron
C. Proton
D. Neutron


CorrectAnswer: B. Deuteron


75. Which of the following is not Charges particle?

A. Proton
B. Electron
C. Neutron
D. Hydrogen Nucleus


Correct Answer: C. Neutron


76. The Radius of first orbit of Hydrogen Atom is?

A. 0.529 A°
B. 0.329 A°
C. 0.429 A°
D. 0.229 A°


Correct Answer: A. 0.529 A°


77. The Charge of an electron is determined by?

A. J.J Thomson
B. Crooks
C. Perrin
D. R.A Millikan


Correct Answer: D. R.A Millikan


78. In the ground state of an atom the electron is present?

A. In the Nucleus
B. In the Second Shell
C. Nearest to the Nucleus
D. Farthest From the Nucleus


Correct Answer: C. Nearest to the Nucleus


79. Orbital having same energy is called?

A. Hybird Orbital
B. Valence Orbital
C. Degenerate Orbital
D. d-orbital


Correct Answer: C. Degenerate Orbita


80. In Millikan method oil droplet falls under the force of gravity but it moves upward due to?

A. Electric Field
B. Magnetic Field
C. Incident Light
D. X-Rays


Correct Answer: A. Electric Field


81. Cathode rays emitted from cathode are?

A. Canal Rays
B. Protons
C. Electrons
D. Positrons


Correct Answer: C. Electrons


82. Charge to mass ratio (e/m) of the electron is determined by?

A. R.A Millikan
B. J.J Thompson
C. G.J Stoney
D. None of these


Correct Answer: A. R.A Millikan


83. Neutron was discovered by?

A. Mosley
B. Millikan
C. Chadwick
D. Rutherford


Correct Answer: C. Chadwick


84. Protons of yellow color are ____ energetic than violet color?

A. More
B. Less
C. Equal
D. None of these


Correct Answer: B. Less


85. When the electron jumps from Second third, fourth orbit to the first orbit the transition are known as?

A. Balmer Series
B. Lyman Series
C. Pfund Series
D. Brackett Series


Correct Answer: B. Lyman Series


86. The most commonly used unit to measure the dipole moment is?

A. Debye
C. Both a & b
D. None of these


Correct Answer: A. Debye


87. Predict shape of Ethanal HCHO molecule on the basis of VSEPR Theory?

A. Linear
B. Trigonal Planar
C. Pyramidal
D. Tetrahedral


Correct Answer: B. Trigonal Planar


88. Which of the following is not planar molecule?

A. BF3
B. C2F4
C. C3H6


Correct Answer: C. C3H6


89. A substance conducts electricity both in solid and in liquid form, has a melting point greater than 1000°. What could it be?

A. Nacl
B. MgCl2
C. Cu
D. AlCl3


Correct Answer: C. Cu


90. Predict the bond angels present in SO2 molecule?

A. 120°
B. Less than 120°
C. 109.5
D. 107


Correct Answer: B. Less than 120°


91. Thermo chemistry is the study of chemical reaction accompanying?

A. Heat Change
B. Rate Change
C. Mass Change
D. Volume Change


Correct Answer: A. Heat Change


92. When a bond breaks which of the following occurs?

A. Heat is Evolved
B. Heat is Absorbed
C. No change in heat contents takes place
D. Temperature Increases


Correct Answer: B. Heat is Absorbed


93. A reaction in which heat is given out is?

A. An Endothermic Reaction
B. An Exothermic Reaction
C. A Thermo chemical Reaction
D. An Energetic Reaction


Correct Answer: B. An Exothermic Reaction


94. According to SI-system heat contains are measured in units of?

A. Calorie
B. Joules
C. Ergs
D. Watts


Correct Answer: B. Joules


95. Which of the following is not a state function?

A. Pressure
B. Temperature
C. Enthalpy
D. Amount of Substance


Correct Answer: D. Amount of Substance


96. The heat contents of all the elements in their standard states are taken to be?

A. 1
B. 0
C. 2
D. 4


Correct Answer:B. 0


97. Which of the following property depends on the state of system?

A. Enthalpy
B. Free Energy
C. Entropy
D. All of these


Correct Answer: D. All of these


98. A Calorimeter is an apparatus used for the measurement of?

A. Heat of Reaction
B. Heat of Combustion
C. Heat of Formation
D. Heat of Vaporization


Correct Answer: A. Heat of Reaction


99. The heat Content of system is known as?

A. Internal Energy
B. Enthalpy
C. Entropy
D. None of these


Correct Answer: B. Enthalpy


100.  Which of the following is not an exothermic reaction?

A. Respiration
B. Dissolution of NaoH in water
C. Vaporisation
D. Freezing


Correct Answer: C. Vaporisation


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