Note IBA 5 to 15 Scale Solved Mcqs Paper (Morning) held on 22 Jan, 2023, Contains 60+ solved mcqs of English Synonyms, Antonyms, Correct Spelling, English Prepositions, Current Affairs, World-GK, Islamiat, Everyday Science and Computer.


Choose the Synonym of Underlined Word

1. The Quraish Used to worship idols and did not believe in one God.

A. Would
B. Could
C. Should
D. Ought to


Correct Answer: C. Should


2. “Be my witness O God”

A. Proof
B. Testimony
C. Evidence
D. The Seer who sees everything happen


Correct Answer: D. The Seer who sees everything happen


3. If they drink sufficient water, they would have a healthy skin.

A. To take Liquid
B. To Have
C. To Consume
D. To Gulp


Correct Answer: D. To Gulp


4. I would go mad. If I received a billion rupees.

A. Mentally Ill
B. Beside Oneself with Joy
C. Not at all Sensible
D. Wild and Excited


Correct Answer: A. Mentally Ill


5. If money grew on trees, everyone would be rich.

A. To increase the size, quality or number
B. To exist and develop in a particular place
C. To Gradually begin to produce something
D. To Make Improve and Increase Something


Correct Answer: B. To Exist and Develop in a Particular Place


Choose the Antonym of Underlined Word

6. If all people of Pakistan became honest, the country would progress very fast.

A. Retreat
B. Underdevelop
C. Retrogress
D. Shatter


Correct Answer: A. Retreat


7. They can win the match easily.

A. Give Up
B. Loose
C. Defeat
D. Lose


Correct Answer: C. Defeat


8. You don’t fall sick when you swim.

A. To Get Well again
B. To Stay Healthy
C. To Feel Healthy
D. To Enjoy Healthy Life


Correct Answer: B. To Stay Healthy


9. The Plan was Dropped.

A. Finished
B. Started
C. Executed and Continued Until Done
D. Selected and Continued


Correct Answer: D. Selected and Continued


10. Shah Latif is called the “Saint ___Bhit”.

A. From
B. At
C. Of
D. In


Correct Answer: C. Of


11. She reproduced sentences ____ the original text.

A. From
B. To
C. In
D. Into


Correct Answer: A. From


12. He ought to have arrived ___ this time.

A. By
B. In
C. At
D. With


Correct Answer: C. At


13. I can read a car number plate ___ fifty meters.

A. By
B. From
C. To
D. At


Correct Answer: B. From


14. Her hair fell ___ her waist.

A. On
B. To
C. Above
D. Onto


Correct Answer: B. To


15. ___ with your family.

A. I am Praying for a Nice time
B. Take a Nice Time
C. Have a Nice Time
D. What a Nic Time


Correct Answer: C. Have a Nice Time


16. Choose the Correct Spelt Word:

A. Excape
B. Escape
C. Ascape
D. Excap


Correct Answer: B. Escape


17. Choose the Correct Spelt Word:

A. Existance
B. Ecestance
C. Exisatance
D. Existence


Correct Answer: D. Existence


18. Choose the correct Spelt Word:

A. Medow
B. Meado
C. Meadows
D. Meedow


Correct Answer: C. Meadows


19. Choose the Correct Spelt Word:

A. Wander
B. Wunder
C. Wondar
D. Woonder


Correct Answer: A. Wander


20. Choose the Correct Spelt Word:

A. Mangooar
B. Mongoose
C. Mungoose
D. Mongoos


Correct Answer: B. Mongoose


21. Estonia is located in ____?

A. Balkan Region
B. Baltic Region
C. Latin American Region
D. Scandinavian Region


Correct Answer: B. Baltic Region


22. World’s famous leader Willy Brandt belonged to which country of Europe?

A. France
B. Austria
C. Germany
D. Belgium


Correct Answer: C. Germany


23. ___ connects Arabian Sea with Persian Gulf?

A. Strait of Hormuz
B. Strait of Malacca
C. Bab al Mandab
D. Suez Canal


Correct Answer: A. Strait of Hormuz


24. McMohan Line is a Border between ____?

A. South Korea and North Korea
B. South Vietnam and North Vietnam
C. China and Myanmar
D. China and India


Correct Answer: D. China and India


25. Tenure of UN Secretary General is ____?

A. 2 Years
B. 3 Years
C. 4 Years
D. 5 Years


Correct Answer: D. 5 Years


26. Talks for Britain’s exit (Brexit) from European Union were held in which of the following country?

A. Spain
B. Belgium
C. Germany


Correct Answer: B. Belgium


27. US intervened in April 1917 into WWI because some American Commercial ships were allegedly destroyed by U-boats of ___?

A. Japan
B. Hungary
C. Germany
D. Italy


Correct Answer: C. Germany


28. Capital city of Australia is?

A. Sydney
B. Melbourne
C. Canberra
D. Auckland


Correct Answer: C. Canberra


29. International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC) has won Noble Prize ____ times.

A. Two
B. Three
C. Four
D. Five


Correct Answer: C. Four


30. World’s famous book “Atomic Habits” is written by?

A. James Clear
B. Eckhart Tolle
C. Graham Allison
D. Arundhati Roy


Correct Answer: A. James Clear


31. Currency of Oman is?

A. Omani Rial
B. Omani Dirham
C. Omani Dollar
D. Omani Dinar


Correct Answer: A. Omani Rial


32. The Pakistan Monument is located in?

A. Lahore
B. Karachi
C. Islamabad
D. Rawalpindi


Correct Answer: C. Islamabad


33. In surprising defeat Argentina lost to which Arab-Asian Country in FIFA World Cup Qatar2022?

A. Senegal
B. Saudi Arabia
C. Jordan
D. Iraq


Correct Answer: B. Saudi Arabia


34. Our Solar System is located in which galaxy?

A. Cygnus
B. Magellanic Clouds
C. Milky Way Galaxy
D. Silky Way


Correct Answer: C. Milky Way Galaxy


35. The Noble Peace Prize winner of 2022 is?

A. Vladimir Zilinsky
B. Ales Bialiatski
C. Maria Ressa
D. Malala Yousufzai


Correct Answer: B. Ales Bialiatski


36. Which one among the following is an example of decomposition reaction?

A. The Reaction of Sodium and Chlorine to Form Sodium Chloride
B. The Bunting of Coal to give Carbon Dioxide
C. The Formation of Hydrogen and Oxygen from Water
D. The Formation of Ammonia from Nitrogen and Hydrogen


Correct Answer: C. The Formation of Hydrogen and Oxygen from Water


37. The study of heat changes in chemical reaction is called?

A. Electrochemistry
B. Thermochemistry
C. Organic Chemistry
D. Biochemistry


Correct Answer: B. Thermochemistry


38. The reaction which releases or gives off heat energy is called?

A. Exothermic Reaction
B. Endothermic Reaction
C. Isothermic Reaction
D. Indothermic Reaction


Correct Answer: A. Exothermic Reaction


39. The basic physical and functional unit of heredity is called?

A. Chromosomes
B. Gene
C. Cell
D. Cytoplasm


Correct Answer: B. Gene


40. The molecular model of DNA which suggests the basic mechanism of DNA replication was proposed by?

A. James Watson and Francis Crick
B. Charles Darwin and G. Mendel
C. C. Woese and R. Franklin
D. M. Wilkins and J. Black


Correct Answer: A. James Watson and Francis Crick


41. In the bacterial cell, the DNA is found floating in the?

A. Nucleus
B. Cytoplasm
C. Ectoplasm
D. Nucleoplasm


Correct Answer: A. Nucleus


42. Convex Lenses are also known as?

A. Converging Lenses
B. Diverging Lenses
C. Deflecting Lenses
D. Reflecting Lenses


Correct Answer: A. Converging Lenses


43. The light sensitive part of the eye is?

A. Cornea
B. Retina
C. Optic Nerve
D. Iris


Correct Answer: B. Retina


44. Solar Panels contains solar cells which are called?

A. Photo-Voltaic Cells
B. Photo-Electric Cells
C. Photo-Nuclear Cells
D. Photo-Protic Cells


Correct Answer: A. Photo-Voltaic Cells


45. Who used telescope first time in the human history to observe Jupiter, Saturn and Venus?

A. Galileo-Galilei
B. Aristotle
C. AL-Beruni
D. Thomas Harriot


Correct Answer: A. Galileo-Galilei


46. Who was the chairman of boundary commission during the partition of subcontinent 1947?

A. Radcliff
B. Mount Batten
C. Lord Wavell
D. Lord Atlee


Correct Answer: A. Radcliff


47. Who was the lord Curzon in India during the partition of Bengal 1905?

A. Secretary of India
B. President of India
C. Prime Minister of India
D. Viceroy of India


Correct Answer: D. Viceroy of India


48. Imran khan was removed from the Prime Minister Office through which method?

A. No-Vote of Confidence
B. Impeachment
C. Supreme Court Order
D. Disqualification due to Correction


Correct Answer: A. No-Vote of Confidence


49. What is the terminological meaning of “Fiqh”?

A. Deep Understanding
B. Meaningful Interpretation
C. Way of Revelation
D. Law of Sharia


Correct Answer: A. Deep Understanding


50. What is Islamic Jurisprudence of Law?

A. Fiqh
B. Ussol-e-Fiqh
C. Quran
D. Hadith


Correct Answer: A. Fiqh


51. A Salesman who usually travels by motorcycle needs to use or carry a computer to record the sales orders be takes from the shops he visits. While of the following is a suitable computer for this purpose?

A. Desktop Computer
B. Laptop Computer
C. Tablet
D. Supercomputer


Correct Answer: C. Tablet


52. Which of the following is used to build microcomputers?

A. Vacuum Tube
B. Transistor
C. Processor


Correct Answer: C. Processor


53. A computer has a main memory of 960 Kbytes. What is the exact number of bytes contained in this memory?

A. 960 * 8
B. 960 * 1000
C. 960 * 1024
D. 960 * 1024 * 1024


Correct Answer: C. 960 * 1024


54. Which one of the following would not be considered as a form of secondary storage?

A. Floppy Disk
B. Optical Disk
D. Flash Drive


Correct Answer: C. RAM


55. What is the name of web page address?

A. Directory
B. Protocol
D. Domain


Correct Answer: C. URL


56. Which function converts text to uppercase in MS Excel 2016?



Correct Answer: B. UPPER


57. Which function is useful when you need to display the current date and time on a worksheet?

A. =Date ()
B. =Time ()
C. =Today()
D. =Now()


Correct Answer: D. =NOW()


58. Another name for a pre-programmed formula in excel is?

A. Cell
B. Graph
C. Function
D. Range


Correct Answer: C. Function


59. Which of the following functions is used to sum the values in a range that meet criteria that you specify.



Correct Answer: B. SUMIF


60. Special effects used to introduce slides in a presentation are known as?

A. Transitions
B. Effects
C. Custom Animations
D. Annotations


Correct Answer: A. Transitions


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