Note: IBA 5 to 15 Scale Test of Graduation held on 18-01-2023, Contains 55+ Solved Mcqs of English Synonyms and Antonyms, Correct Spelling, GK, Everyday Science, Islamiat.

Choose the synonym of Underlined Words


1. The elderly had a Chitchat

A. Conversation about things that are not important
B. Nonsense
C. Fairly Tales
D. Uninformative matters


Correct Answer: A. Conversation about things that are not important


2. We had the mouth-watering food made by our loving grandmother.

A. Watery
B. Tempting
C. Delicious
D. Smelling Good


Correct Answer: C. Delicious


3. There was kheer for dessert.

A. A Deserted Place
B. Abandoned Place
C. Sweet food eaten at the end of a meal
D. Left over food for later use


Correct Answer: C. Sweet food eaten at the end of meal


4. The cleaner the beach and the sea, the safer our marine life will be.

A. Country
B. Related to a ruler
C. Connected with sea
D. Connected with trade at sea


Correct Answer: C. Connected with Sea


5. I was Fascinated by the idea.

A. Impressed
B. Concerned
C. Involved
D. Interested


Correct Answer: D. Interested


Choose the Antonyms of Underlined words.

6. This gave all of us a fabulous idea.

A. Extremely Bad
B. Substandard
C. Non-Sensical
D. Nominal


Correct Answer: D. Nominal


7. They are monsters but not Scary.

A. Harmless
B. Dummy
C. Fantastic
D. Lovely


Correct Answer: D. Lovely


8. Their son is prodigal.

A. Cheap
B. Moderate
C. Modest
D. Economical


Correct Answer: D. Economical


9. His way of writing makes his stories adventurous and Engaging.

A. Disgusting
B. Harmful
C. Boring
D. Obnoxious


Correct Answer: C. Boring


10. Travelling gives Immense knowledge.

A. Small
B. Little
C. Short
D. Negligible


Correct Answer: B. Little


11. She became neglectful ___ her appearance.

A. From
B. With
C. By
D. Of


Correct Answer: D. Of


12. ___ the very moment, the phone rang.

A. At
B. In
C. During
D. By


Correct Answer: A. At


13. The army began their long march ___ the coast.

B. To
C. On
D. Along


Correct Answer: B. To


14. He made ten mistakes ___ many lines.

A. For
B. Into
C. In
D. About


Correct Answer: C. In


15. I have known her ___ a great many years.

A. By
B. For
C. Since
D. About


Correct Answer: B. For


16. You are too ___.

A. Ingenious
B. Ingenuous
C. Intelligent
D. Smart


Correct Answer: D. Smart


17. Our skin cream contains only natural ___.

A. Elements
B. Parts
C. Ingredients
D. Contents


Correct Answer: C. Ingredients


18. There is a striking family ___ between them.

A. Liking
B. Liken
C. Likeness
D. Likelihood


Correct Answer: C. Likeness


19. Prime Minister ___ inequality to security threat.

A. Likes
B. Is Liking
C. Liking
D. Likens


Correct Answer: B. Is liking


20. Life is often ___ to a journey.

A. Likened
B. Likens
C. Liken
D. Liking


Correct Answer: B. Likens


21. Choose the correct Spelt word.

A. Cockpet
B. Cockpat
C. Cookpit
D. Cockpit


Correct Answer: D. Cockpit


22. Choose the correct Spelt word.

A. Cookroch
B. Cookroach
C. Cockroach
D. Cockrooch


Correct Answer: C. Cockroach


23. Choose the correct Spelt word.

A. Coercion
B. Cohercion
C. Coershon
D. Cocrcian


Correct Answer: A. Coercion


24. Choose the correct Spelt word.

A. Striked
B. Stricken
C. Struk
D. Striken


Correct Answer: B. Stricken


25. Choose the correct Spelt word.

A. Excitemint
B. Excitemant
C. Exsitement
D. Excitement


Correct Answer: D. Excitement


26. The least populated continent of the world is?

A. South America
B. Oceania (Australia)
C. Europe
D. Africa


Correct Answer: B. Oceania (Australia)


27. The second largest continent of the world in terms of area is?

A. Asia
B. Africa
C. Antarctica
D. Oceania


Correct Answer: B. Africa


28. Kartarpur Corridor is in the district of?

A. Narrowal
B. Nankana Sahib
C. Lahore
D. Sialkot


Correct Answer: A. Narrowal


29. The capital of Azerbaijan is?

A. Bukhara
B. Tashkent
C. Baku
D. Ankara


Correct Answer: C. Baku


30. Siam is the old name of?

A. Kenya
B. Surinam
C. Vietnam
D. Thailand


Correct Answer: D. Thailand


31. Pakistan hosted the second Islamic Summit of OIC in?

A. 1963
B. 1969
C. 1971
D. 1974


Correct Answer: D. 1974


32. Pakistan won the Olympic Golden medal for the last time in?

A. Swimming
B. Hockey
C. Javelin Throw
D. Badminton


Correct Answer: B. Hockey


33. Every Year World Children’s Day is celebrated on?

A. 18th February
B. 20th May
C. 18th September
D. 20th November


Correct Answer: D. 20th November


34. What is the name of mountain range along the border of China and Pakistan?

A. Himalayas
B. Karakoram
C. Hindu Kush
D. Pamir Mountains


Correct Answer: B. Karakoram


35. M-2 Motorway is?

A. Sukkur-Multan Motorway
B. Karachi-Hyderabad Motorway
C. Lahore-Islamabad Motorway
D. Peshawar-Islamabad Motorway


Correct Answer: C. Lahore-Islamabad Motorway


36. Lira is the currency of?

A. Jordan
B. Malaysia
C. Bahrain
D. Turkey


Correct Answer: D. Turkey


37. The largest district of Pakistan in term of area is?

A. Tharparkar
B. Bahawalpur
C. Thatta
D. Chagai


Correct Answer: D. Chagai


38. The tallest building of the world is?

A. Shanghai Tower, Shanghai
B. Burj Khalifa, Dubai
C. Petronas Twin Towers of Kuala Lumpur
D. Finance, Tianjin


Correct Answer: B. Burj Khalifa, Dubai


39. The largest producer of dates in Pakistan is?

A. Multan
B. Ghotki
C. Khairpur
D. Hyderabad


Correct Answer: C. Khairpur


40. Which city of Pakistan is also called the city of Saints?

A. Lahore
B. Multan
C. Hyderabad
D. Pakpatan


Correct Answer: B. Multan


41. The particles, atoms, or molecules in solids remain in motion and that motion is limited to?

A. Rotational Motion
B. Translational Motion
C. Vibrational Motion
D. Random Motion


Correct Answer: C. Vibration Motion


42. Protons and Neutrons are collectively known as?

A. Nucleotides
B. Nucleons
C. Isotopes
D. Positrons


Correct Answer: B. Nucleons


43. Which of the following is not a magnetic material?

A. Paper Clip
B. Coin
C. Eraser
D. Iron mail


Correct Answer: C. Eraser


44. An iron nail can be magnetized by?

A. Hammering on it
B. Heating on a High Flame
C. Heating on a very low flame
D. Passing an electric current around it


Correct Answer: D. Passing an electric current around it


45. A force that stops things from moving easily is known as?

A. Fraction
B. Friction
C. Fission
D. Flocculation


Correct Answer: B. Friction


46. The skydivers use parachutes to easily descend towards the earth because it?

A. Increases air resistance
B. Decreases air resistance
C. Decreases air fraction
D. Speeds Up


Correct Answer: A. Increases Air Resistance


47. Amphibians lay their eggs in/on?

A. Land
B. Water
C. Nest
D. Mountains


Correct Answer: B. Water


48. Organisms that eat all the dead and waste products and returning useful elements to soil and environment are known as?

A. Decomposers
B. Producers
C. Consumers
D. Propellers


Correct Answer: A. Decomposers


49. Animals that eat only animals are called?

A. Insectivores
B. Carnivores
C. Omnivores
D. Herbivores


Correct Answer: B. Carnivores


50. Materials from which current passes through are called?

A. Insulators
B. Conductors
C. Non-Conductors
D. Non-Metals


Correct Answer: B. Conductors


51. Name of the president of Pakistan who did introduce the first Basic Democracy system in Pakistan?

A. Yahya Khan
B. Major Iskandar Mirza
C. Zulfiqar Bhutto
D. Ayub Khan


Correct Answer: D. Ayub Khan


52. Who did impose 3rd Martial Law in Pakistan?

A. Ayub Khan
B. Yahya Khan
C. Zia-ul-Haq
D. Pervez Musharraf


Correct Answer: C. Zia-ul-Haq


53. The long-standing demand of Muslims for a separate electorate was conceded and included in which reform?

A. Lucknow Pact Reform 1916
B. Minto-Morely Reform 1909
C. Montague-Chelmsford Reform 1919
D. Indian Act of 1935


Correct Answer: B. Minto-Morely Reform 1909


54. Where did the Prophet S.A.W and Abu Bakr R.A take shelter before proceeding to Al-Madinah?

A. Taaif
B. Mount Uhad
C. Syria
D. Cave of Saur


Correct Answer: D. Cave of Saur


55. What significant event in Islamic history occurred in Rajab?

A. Isra and Miraj
B. Battle of Uhad
C. First Pledge of Aqaba
D. Treaty of Hudabiyah


Correct Answer: A. Isra and Miraj

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