Note IBA 5 to 15 Scale Solved Mcqs Paper held on 19 Jan, 2023, Contains 64+ solved mcqs of English Synonyms, Antonyms, Correct Spelling, English Prepositions, Current Affairs, World-GK, Islamiat, Everyday Science and Computer


Choose the Synonym of Underlined word

1. She felt an Implied rebuke made by him.

A. Direct
B. Classy
C. Implicit
D. Vivid


Correct Answer: C. Implicit


2. I have sufficient money to finish my studies.

A. Massive
B. Enough
C. Large
D. Weighty


Correct Answer: B. Enough


3. Three persons were involved in robbing a bank.

A. Overcharging
B. Raiding
C. Plundering
D. Attacking


Correct Answer: B. Raiding


4. Students of local University launched a new database application.

A. Request
B. Programme
C. Commitment
D. Preparation


Correct Answer: B. Programme


5. The magistrate exercised his authority.

A. Detected
B. Activated
C. Noticed
D. Used


Correct Answer: D. Used


Choose the Antonyms of Underlined word

6. Keeping moderate views about politics is a good deed.

A. Extreme
B. Massive
C. Mediocre
D. Modest


Correct Answer: A. Extreme


7. She rolled out meal on a surface.

A. Rough Layer
B. Inner Part
C. Superficial Layer
D. Top Layer


Correct Answer: B. Inner Part


8. English professor’s lectures are usually wordy.

A. Lengthy
B. Long Winded
C. Brief
D. Quick


Correct Answer: C. Brief


9. He did not care and said a plain truth.

A. Simple
B. Clear
C. Affected
D. Perfect


Correct Answer: C. Affected


10. The world is empty of Compassion.

A. Sympathy
B. Care
C. Passion
D. Indifference


Correct Answer: D. Indifference


11. I was ___ my early twenties when I came to this city.

A. At
B. In
C. Into
D. On


Correct Answer: B. In


12. The morning sun was rising slowly ___ the hillside.

A. On
B. By
C. Over
D. Into


Correct Answer: B. By


13. He is half-way ___ his thesis.

A. In
B. For
C. Through
D. Into


Correct Answer: C. Through


14. He sat ___ his head in his hands.

A. By
B. With
C. Into
D. Through


Correct Answer: D. Through


15. She is well ___ school- going age.

A. In
B. With
C. Into
D. Over


Correct Answer: C. Into


16. No one knows the exact meaning of the word. We had better ___ the dictionary.

A. To Consult
B. Consulting
C. Consult
D. Consulted


Correct Answer: A. To Consult


17. Rarely ____ their grandparents.

A. They Visits
B. They do visit
C. Do they visit
D. They visit


Correct Answer: A. They Visits


18. A journey of a thousand miles ___ a single step.

A. Begin with
B. Begins with
C. Will be began with
D. Will have began with


Correct Answer: B. Begins with


19. Neither Hafsa nor children ___ coming to the party.

A. Will
B. Is
C. Are
D. Is not


Correct Answer: B. Is


20. If it rained heavily, the whole village ___ destroyed.

A. Will be
B. Would be
C. Had
D. Will have


Correct Answer: A. Will be


21. Choose the Correct Spelling.

A. Maintenance
B. Maintnance
C. Maintanance
D. Mantenance


Correct Answer: A. Maintenance


22. Choose the Correct Spelling.

A. Liebrary
B. Liberary
C. Library
D. Libreary


Correct Answer: C. Library


23. Choose the Correct Spelling.

A. Jewelery
B. Jewelry
C. Jewellary
D. Jewellry


Correct Answer: A. Jewelery


24. Choose the Correct Spelling.

A. Courteous
B. Curteous
C. Courtous
D. Corteous


Correct Answer: A. Courteous


25. Choose the Correct Spelling.

A. Accompanement
B. Acompaniment
C. Accompaniment
D. Accompeniment


Correct Answer: C. Accompaniment


26. Pakistan is a member of all the following international organization except?

A. United Nations
D. G20


Correct Answer: D. G20


27. Pakistan Television started its transmission on?

A. 1962
B. 1963
C. 1964
D. 1965


Correct Answer: C. 1964


28. The total length of “Makran Costal Highway” that connects Karachi and Gwadar is?

A. 553
B. 653
C. 753
D. 853


Correct Answer: B. 653


29. Nanga Parbat is the second highest mountain in Pakistan World-Wide Nanga Parbat is ___highest mountain?

A. 6th
B. 7th
C. 8th
D. 9th


Correct Answer: D. 9


30. Which tree is the national tree of Pakistan?

A. Neem
B. Sheshum
C. Deodar
D. Date Palm


Correct Answer: C. Deodar


31. Pakistan’s main export item is?

A. Cotton and Cotton Manufactures
B. Leather and Leather Manufactures
C. Wood and Furniture
D. Wheat and Flour


Correct Answer: A. Cotton and Cotton Manufactures


32. The Mount Everest is in?

A. Hindukush Mountain Range
B. Himalayas Mountain Range
C. Karakoram Mountain Range
D. Alps Mountain Range


Correct Answer: B. Himalayas Mountain Range


33. Which country was the runner up of ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2022?

A. India
B. Pakistan
C. England
D. New Zealand


Correct Answer: B. Pakistan


34. Hadero lake is located in?

A. Thatta
B. Chaghi
C. Abbottabad
D. Kohat


Correct Answer: A. Thatta


35. The Lower House of Pakistan is called?

A. Senate of the People
B. Congress of the People
C. National Assembly
D. General Assembly


Correct Answer: C. National Assembly


36. Final of the FIFA World Cup 2022 played between?

A. Brazil and Argentina
B. Argentina and France
C. Uruguay and France
D. Argentina and Portugal


Correct Answer: B. Argentina and France


37. IMF stand for?

A. International Money Foundation
B. International Monetary Fund
C. International Medical Foundation
D. International Money Fund


Correct Answer: B. International Monetary Fund


38. Headquarters of the OIC is in?

A. Jeddah
B. Doha
C. Jakarta
D. Cairo


Correct Answer: A. Jeddah


39. The total member of the United Nations Economic and Social Council are?

A. 42
B. 48
C. 54
D. 60


Correct Answer: C. 54


40. The national animal of Pakistan is?

A. Lion
B. Tiger
C. Markhor
D. Eagle


Correct Answer: C. Markhor


41. Which statement is incorrect about gas molecules?

A. Molecules are Widely Separated
B. Molecules have low attractive forces
C. Molecules free to move in any direction
D. Molecules do not collide with one another


Correct Answer: D. Molecules do not collide with one another


42. The smallest particle of a compound, made up of group of atoms is known as?

A. Molecule
B. Mixture
C. Alloy
D. Isotope


Correct Answer: A. Molecule


43. A method which is used to separate colored chemicals or substances is known as?

A. Filtration
B. Sublimation
C. Distillation
D. Paper Chromatography


Correct Answer: D. Paper Chromatography


44. If the ratio of solute to solvent is low, the solution is said to be?

A. Supersaturated
B. Dilute
C. Saturated
D. Concentrated


Correct Answer: B. Dilute


45. Our weight is carried by the pull of?

A. Stars
B. Magnet
C. Gravity
D. Electrostatic Force


Correct Answer: C. Gravity


46. If you move to the moon your weight will change because?

A. The pull of gravity is weaker there than on earth
B. The pull of gravity is stronger there than on earth
C. The pull of space is stronger than earth
D. The pull of sun is weaker than earth


Correct Answer: A. The pull of gravity is weaker there on Earth


47. A type of simple machine which is used to move heavy objects up or down over a vertical height is known as?

A. Lever
B. Wedge
C. Inclined Plane
D. Fulerum


Correct Answer: C. Inclined Plane


48. Which of the following food has high protein content?

A. Cow Milk
B. Apples
C. Eggs
D. Peanuts


Correct Answer: C. Eggs


49. Mental retardation in children is mainly caused by the deficiency of?

A. Copper
B. Magnesium
C. Iodine
D. Sodium


Correct Answer: C. Iodine


50. What Muhammad Ali Jinnah not wrote in his famous 14th points for the Muslims of India?

A. Provincial Autonomy
B. Federal System
C. Joint Electorate
D. Full Religious Liberty


Correct Answer: C. Joint Electorate


51. Which side of Indus water were given control to the Pakistan as per Indus water treaty 1960?

A. Western Tributaries
B. Eastern Tributaries
C. Northern Tributaries
D. Southern Tributaries


Correct Answer: B. Eastern Tributaries


52. The war of 1857 had ended in disaster however the glorious Mughal Empire was ended. Name the type of British rule established over the whole sub-continent?

A. Indirect Rule
B. Direct Rule
C. Unitary Rule
D. Concurrent Rule


Correct Answer: B. Direct Rule


53. Name the Creation of Allah who are made of smokeless fire?

A. Jinns
B. Plants
C. Angels
D. Animal


Correct Answer: A. Jinns


54. The battles which the Holy Prophet (PBUH) himself led are called Ghazwat what is their total number?

A. 35
B. 50
C. 18
D. 27


Correct Answer: D. 27


55. ___ is the computer network type that connect in a large area, such as districts or cities?



Correct Answer: C. MAN


56. Which of the following operating system reads and reacts in actual time?

A. Quick Response System
B. Real Time System
C. Time Sharing System
D. Batch Processing System


Correct Answer: C. Time Sharing System


57. A Ctrl + Enter command in MS word 2016 will ___?

A. Open a New Document
B. Create New Page
C. Create a New Paragraph
D. Create a New Line


Correct Answer: B. Create New Page


58. Which of the following is not paper size in MS-Word 2016?

A. Legal
B. Executive
C. Landscape
D. A3


Correct Answer: C. Landscape


59. Which function returns the average of all the cells in a range that meet a given criteria in MS Excel 2016?

A. Average
B. AverageIf
C. AverageAll
D. Mean


Correct Answer: B. AverageIF


60. What MS-Excel 2016 features can you use if you want to work with one record at a time?

A. AutoComplete
B. Auto Filter
C. Data Form
D. Data Validation


Correct Answer: C. Data Form


61. The arrangement of elements such as Title and Subtitle text, pictures, tables etc is called?

A. Layout
B. Presentation
C. Design
D. Scheme


Correct Answer: A. Layout


62. What is a slide-title master pair in MS PowerPoint 2016?

A. The Title area and text area of a specific slide
B. A Slide master and title master merged into a single slide
C. A Slide master and title master for a specific design template
D. All of these


Correct Answer: D. All of these


63. Which of the following provides a means of printing out feature notes with a maintain slide on a printed page?

A. Slide with Animation
B. Outline View
C. Notes Page
D. Audience Handout


Correct Answer: B. Outline View


64. Which of these keys are used in MS-Excel 2016 to insert current date in workbook?

A. Ctrl + “
B. Ctrl + ;
C. Ctrl + :
D. Ctrl + D


Correct Answer: B. Ctrl + ;


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