Note IBA 5 to 15 Scale Solved Mcqs Paper held on 20 Jan, 2023, Contains 63+ solved mcqs of English Synonyms, Antonyms, Correct Spelling, English Prepositions, Current Affairs, World-GK, Islamiat, Everyday Science and Computer

Choose the Synonyms of Underlined words.


1. Sovereignty over the entire universe belongs to Almighty Allah alone.

A. The State of being a country with freedom to govern itself
B. Country that is all in all and independent
C. People who are powerful and independent in all matters
D. Complete power to govern everything


Correct Answer: C. People who are powerful and independent in all matters


2. At nigh, traffic police often wear jackets with reflectors.

A. Use
B. Cover
C. Put on
D. Cloak


Correct Answer: C. Put On

3. It is a good idea.

A. Advice
B. Thinking
C. Thought
D. Consideration


Correct Answer: C. Thought


4. Right from the times Immemorial. Enforcement of law has remained indispensable.

A. Beyond Imagination
B. Beyond Human History
C. Beyond Human Memory
D. Beyond Human Record


Correct Answer: C. Beyond Human Memory


5. He Quickly got up from the bench

A. Soon
B. Fastly
C. Fast
D. Shortly


Correct Answer: C. Fast


Choose the Antonyms of Underlined words.


6. They were excited about seeing the variety of school.

A. Disinterested and Lazy
B. Dull and Impartial
C. Cold and Partial
D. Uninterested and Cold


Correct Answer: A. Disinterested and Lazy


7. The students thank the manager and walk to the next stall.

A. Coming straight after something in space
B. The other
C. The present one
D. Another in time and order


Correct Answer: D. Another in Time and Order


8. He used to fondly recall his grandfather.

A. Miss
B. Forget
C. Absent
D. Removed


Correct Answer: B. Forget


9. Concept of law imposed command of sovereign backed by threat of punishment

A. Rejected
B. Opposed
C. Neglected
D. Devoid of


Correct Answer: B. Opposed


10. I would like to know you father’s profession

A. Avocation
B. Vocation
C. Career
D. Duty


Correct Answer: A. Avocation


11. The first sentence has been written ___ an example.

A. For
B. As
C. With
D. By


Correct Answer: B. As


12. The people had not had food ___days.

A. In
B. From
C. For
D. About


Correct Answer: C. For


13. I hope she will be all right ___ lunch time.

A. In
B. To
C. For
D. By


Correct Answer: C. For


14. Work ___ pairs and complete the following assignment.

A. In
B. With
C. Along
D. By


Correct Answer: A. In


15. He made a commitment ___himself.

A. For
B. By
C. To
D. With


Correct Answer: B. By


16. After this ___.

A. The Game will start
B. The Game is start
C. The Game was start
D. The Game is to be start


Correct Answer: A. The Game will Start


17. This section is meant for ___.

A. Only Practice oral
B. Practice only Oral
C. Oral Practice Only
D. Orally Practice Only


Correct Answer: C. Oral Practice Only


18. Road Accidents ___ people do not follow traffic rules.

A. Are Happening Since
B. Happen Because
C. Happen Since
D. Are Happened for


Correct Answer: B. Happen Because


19. This is to inform you that ____.

A. You selected for Post you Applied for
B. You are Selected for the Post You had Applied
C. You are being Selected for the Post You had Applied for
D. You have been Selected for the Post you Applied for


Correct Answer: B. You are Selected for the Post You had Applied


20. ___ you will consider my request favorably.

A. I Hope that
B. I am Hoping that
C. I will Hope that
D. I would be Hoping that


Correct Answer: B. I am Hoping that


21. Choose the Correct Spelled Word:

A. Increment
B. Incrimint
C. Incriment
D. Incrasement


Correct Answer: A. Increment


22. Choose the Correct Spelled Word:

A. Uncumplete
B. Miscomplete
C. Incomplete
D. Noncumplete


Correct Answer: C. Incomplete


23. Choose the Correct Spelled Word:

A. Credbility
B. Credibility
C. Credbiltry
D. Cridibilty


Correct Answer: B. Credibility


24. Choose the Correct Spelled Word

A. Treagury
B. Traisury
C. Treasery
D. Treasury


Correct Answer: D. Treasury

25. Choose the Correct Spelled Word:

A. Amboulance
B. Ambulance
C. Ambulence
D. Amboulance


Correct Answer: B. Ambulance


26. British Parliament’ Upper House is Known as?

A. Senate
B. Congress
C. Bundesrat
D. House of Lords


Correct Answer: D. House of Lords


27. Which one of the following States is a “Dejure” Nuclear Weapon State?

A. Isreal
B. Pakistan
C. North Korea
D. China


Correct Answer: D. China


28. Pro-Democracy activist Ales Bialiatski received Noble Prize for Peace 2022 is from ___?

A. Ukraine
B. Moldova
C. Romania
D. Belarus


Correct Answer: D. Belarus


29. How many times, Pakistan has been the non-permanent member of UN Security Council?

A. Five
B. Six
C. Seven
D. Eight


Correct Answer: C. Seven


30. World Bank’s Headquarters is in?

A. New York
B. Washington DC
C. Houston
D. Miami


Correct Answer: B. Washington DC


31. Which one of the following is a double landlocked state?

A. Afghanistan
B. Kyrgystan
C. Kazakhstan
D. Uzbekistan


Correct Answer: D. Uzbekistan


32. Santiago is the capital city of?

A. Bolivia
B. Venezuela
C. Chile
D. Columbia


Correct Answer: C. Chile


33. Currently largest share in Pakistan’s Electricity generation comes from?

A. Thermal Energy
B. Hydel Energy
C. Coal Energy
D. Nuclear Energy


Correct Answer: A. Thermal Energy


34. Which one is the largest (Area Wise) country in Central Asia?

A. Tajikistan
B. Turkmenistan
C. Kazakhstan
D. Uzbekistan


Correct Answer: C. Kazakhstan


35. The leaning Tower is located in ___?

A. Rome
B. Barcelona
C. Pisa
D. Mexico


Correct Answer: C. Pisa


36. Which of the following ___ is the largest river of the world?

A. Nile
B. Yangtze River
C. Amazon
D. Congo River


Correct Answer: C. Amazon


37. Which of the following country does not have its currency in dinar?

A. Bahrain
B. Libya
C. Jordan
D. Lebanon


Correct Answer: D. Lebanon


38. Pakistan and India joined Shanghai Cooperation Organization in?

A. 2017
B. 2019
C. 2021
D. 2022


Correct Answer: A. 2017


39. UK left European Union in?

A. 2016
B. 2018
C. 2020
D. 2022


Correct Answer: C. 2020


40. Next Olympics 2024 will be held in ___?

A. New York
B. Beijing
C. Berlin
D. Paris


Correct Answer: D. Paris


41. Which one among the following is not a chemical change?

A. Burning of Coal
B. Rusting of Iron
C. Melting of Ice
D. Photosynthesis


Correct Answer: C. Melting of Ice


42. Ozone Layer protects our earth from the harmful effects of sun’s?

A. Ultraviolet Rays
B. Infrared Rays
C. X-Rays
D. Gama Rays


Correct Answer: A. Ultraviolet Rays


43. Which statement is incorrect about chemical reactions?

A. Chemical Reactions Produce new Substance
B. Chemical Reactions occur with the absorption or emission of energy
C. Chemical reactions may be fast, moderate, or slow
D. States of matter does not change during chemical reaction


Correct Answer: D. States of Matter does not change during chemical reaction


44. The body system that controls and coordinates the function of all other organ systems is called?

A. Nervous System
B. Digestive System
C. Circular System
D. Excretory System


Correct Answer: A. Nervous System


45. The structure of brain is very similar to the structure of?

A. Almond
B. Walnut
C. Pistachios
D. Peanus


Correct Answer: B. Walnut


46. The Quick action in which brain is not involved is called?

A. Reflex Action
B. Refract Action
C. Deflect Action
D. Retract Action


Correct Answer: A. Reflex Action


47. When a liquid is placed in a container, the pressure applied to the fluid by the container is equal throughtout the container is the statement of?

A. Charle’s Law
B. Avogadro’s Law
C. Pascal’s Law
D. Graham’s Law


Correct Answer: C. Pascal’s Law


48. A Unit of pressure equal to 1 Newton per square meter (N/m2) is known as?

A. Volt
B. Pascal
C. Joule
D. Henry


Correct Answer: B. Pascal


49. Which one among the following is not an example of pneumatic system?

A. Spray Gun
B. Bicycle Pump
C. Car Brake
D. Vacuum Cleaner


Correct Answer: C. Car Bake


50. Sputnik-1 was the first man-made spacecraft, which launched on October 4, 1957, by?

A. United States of America
B. Soviet Union
C. United Kingdom
D. Germany


Correct Answer: B. Soviet Union


51. Sir Syed Ahmad Khan was a scion of the noble family and was born on 17 October 1817 in?

A. Aligarah
B. Gujrat
C. Calcutta
D. Delhi


Correct Answer: D. Delhi


52. Who presided very famous session of All India Muslim League at Allahabad in 1930?

A. Chaudhary Muhammad Ali
B. Sir Agha Khan
C. Muhammad Ali Jinnah
D. Sir Muhammad Allama Iqbal


Correct Answer: D. Sir Muhammad Allama Iqbal


53. Who was the given the title of Hindu Muslim Unity?

A. Muhammad Ali Jinnah
B. Mahatma Ghandhi
C. Allama Iqbal
D. Sir Syed


Correct Answer: A. Muhammad Ali Jinnah


54. Who was prophet Yusuf A.S’s Father?

A. Prophet Ayub A.S
B. Prophet Yaqoob A.S
C. Prophet Musa A.S
D. Prophet Ibrahim A.S


Correct Answer: B. Hazrat Yaqoob A.S


55. Which of the following is an example of hardcopy output device?

A. Printer
B. Speaker
C. Monitor
D. Scanner


Correct Answer: A. Printer


56. Which of the following is an example of permanent storage device?

A. Hard Disk


Correct Answer: A. Hard Disk


57. Which of the following is an example of processing device?

C. Processor


Correct Answer: C. Processor


58. In MS Word 2016, we create documents and a document consists of one or many ___?

A. Slides
B. Worksheets
C. Pages
D. Relations


Correct Answer: C. Pages


59. In MS Word 2016, we use ___ to keep track of changes made to a particular document.

A. Comments
B. Mark Up
C. Track Changes
D. Mail Merge


Correct Answer: C. Track Changes


60. In MS excel 2016, ___ is used to easily spot trends and patterns in your data using bars, colors, and icon to visually highlight the important values?

A. Data Validation
B. Subtotal
C. Filters
D. Conditional Formatting


Correct Answer: D. Conditional Formatting


61. In MS Excel 2016 ___ option is used to quickly calculate rows of related data by inserting subtotals and totals?

A. Sum
B. Group
C. Subtotal
D. Sum If


Correct Answer: C. Subtotal


62. In MS Excel 2016, ___ function is used to return the number of days between two dates based on a 360 day year.

A. DATE ()
B. DATE Value ()
C. DAYS ()
D. DAYS 360 ()


Correct Answer: D. DAYS 360 ()


63. In MS Excel 2016 ___ function is used to return the number (code point) corresponding to the first character of the text.

A. Code ()
B. Unicode ()
C. Unichar ()
D. Value ()


Correct Answer: A. Code ()


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