Note: IBA Intermediate Category Solved Paper held on 12 June 2023, Contains 79+ Solved mcqs of English Synonyms, Antonyms, Error Detection, Sentence Structure, English Preposition, GK, Math, General Science and Computer.


1. He was always willing to guide and help him. (Choose the synonym of Underlined word)

A. Very Happy
B. Ready to help
C. Generous and Nice
D. Kind and Friendly


Correct Answer: B. Ready to Help


2. They decided to remain calm (Choose the synonym of Underlined word)

A. Fed
B. Exist
C. Stay
D. Live


Correct Answer: C. Stay


3. Thank you very much for such kind words (Choose the synonym of Underlined word)

A. Gentle
B. Sweet
C. Good
D. Friendly


Correct Answer: A. Gentle


4. I quite agree with you. (Choose the synonym of Underlined word)

A. Fairly
B. Readily
C. Simply
D. Completely


Correct Answer: A. Fairly


5. You have got a strong point there. (Choose the synonym of Underlined word)

A. Most important idea or opinion
B. An important piece of advice
C. The purpose or aim of executing
D. A particular detail or fact


Correct Answer: D. A Particular Detail or Fact


6. Both friends used parallel path to reach their destination. (Choose the Antonym of Underlined word)

A. Difficult
B. Similar
C. Divergent
D. Aligned


Correct Answer: C. Divergent


7. Pakistan and India have hostile relations with each other due to Kashmir issues:

A. Negative
B. Inimical
C. Friendly
D. Aggressive


Correct Answer: C. Friendly


8. Accelerate your pace to meet the deadline:

A. Speed Up
B. Supervise
C. Slacken
D. Loosen


Correct Answer: C. Slacken


9. Her candid remarks impressed the higher authorities.

A. Blunt
B. Guarded
C. Sincere
D. Controversial


Correct Answer: B. Guarded


10. Although she is intelligent, she is proud.

A. Ignorant
B. Dull
C. Arrogant
D. Smart


Correct Answer: B. Dull

Error Detection

11. If I will go to bazaar, I will buy a new pair of trousers for you.

A. If
B. Will go
C. Will Buy
D. Pair of trousers


Correct Answer: B. Will go

Detail about MCQs

The error in the given sentence is the use of “If I will go” in the conditional clause. The correct form is “If I go” because “if” is already a conditional word that indicates a possibility or condition. In conditional sentences, the verb following “if” should be in the simple present tense. So, the corrected sentence would be: If I go to the bazaar, I will buy a new pair of trousers for you.


12. I would like to know where do you live.

A. Would
B. Like
C. Where
D. Do


Correct Answer: D. Do

Detail about MCQs

The error in the given sentence is the placement of the auxiliary verb “do” in the interrogative clause. When asking a question in the present tense, the auxiliary verb “do” is used to form questions, but it should be placed before the subject. So, the corrected sentence would be: I would like to know where you live.


13. Tell me what is your hobby.

A. Tell
B. What
C. Is
D. Hobby


Correct Answer: The Sentence is grammatically Correct no any Error found in the mcqs. but the none of these option is not given in the mcqs. 


14. Bees make honey so we eat

A. Make
B. Honey
C. So
D. Eat


Correct Answer: D. Eat (The error in the given sentence is the lack of a verb in the second part of the sentence. The sentence is incomplete. To make it a complete sentence, a verb is needed in the second part. One possible correction could be: “Bees make honey, so we eat it.”)


15. As weather being warm we stayed in .

A. As
B. Being
C. Stayed
D. In


Correct Answer: B. Being

Detail about MCQs

The error in the given sentence is the incorrect use of the word “being” after the noun “weather.”
The correct form would be “As the weather was warm, we stayed in.”



16. Qasim wakes up suddenly ___ the night.

A. On
B. In
C. At
D. Upon


Correct Answer: C. At


17. He has done a great service ___ me.

A. For
B. By
C. To
D. From


Correct Answer: A. For


18. You have enrolled ___ more than one class.

A. On
B. Into
C. For
D. At


Correct Answer: B. Into

Detail about MCQs

The sentence implies that the person being addressed has registered or joined more than one class. When indicating the action of joining or becoming a part of something, we use the preposition “into.” Therefore, the correct sentence would be: “You have enrolled into more than one class.”


19. Khalid forget to wish me ___ my birthday.

A. On
B. At
C. For
D. Upon


Correct Answer: A. On


Sentence Structure

20. By the time I picked up the phone ____.

A. They had rang off
B. They had rung off
C. They will have rung off
D. They rang off


Correct Answer: B. They had rung off


21. ____ I will explain how the equipment works.

A. If you wanted me to
B. If you will want me to
C. If you want me to
D. If you had wanted me to


Correct Answer: C. If you want me to


22. Someone is moving downstairs. We had better ___ the police.

A. Called
B. Call
C. Will Call
D. Calling


Correct Answer: B. Call


23. I’m never on time, ____.

A. Am I?
B. Ain’t I?
C. Am I ?
D. Aren’t I


Correct Answer: A. Am I?


24. Choose the correct Spelling:

A. Welderness
B. Willdeness
C. Wilderness
D. Wildiness


Correct Answer: C. Wilderness


25. Choose the correct spelling:

A. Dialogue
B. Dialoge
C. Diolog
D. Dialogee


Correct Answer: A. Dialogue


26. Choose the Correct Spelling:

A. Hazardus
B. Hazardous
C. Haserdus
D. Hazarduce


Correct Answer: B. Hazardous


27. Choose the Correct Spelling:

A. Shakespear
B. Shakespeare
C. Shakspiear
D. Shakespeer


Correct Answer: B. Shakespeare


28. Choose the Correct Spelling:

A. Playwrite
B. Pleywright
C. Playwright
D. Playright


Correct Answer: C. Playwright


29. What fraction of PKR 1 is 50 paisa?

A. ½
B. ¼
C. 1/8
D. 1/10


Correct Answer: B. ¼

Detail about MCQs

To determine the fraction of PKR 1 that is equal to 50 paisa, we need to understand that 100 paisa make up 1 Pakistani Rupee (PKR). Since 50 paisa is half of 100 paisa, it represents half of 1 PKR. In fraction form, half is expressed as 1/2. Simplifying 1/2 gives us the equivalent fraction of ¼, which means 50 paisa is one-fourth of PKR 1. Therefore, the correct answer is B. ¼.


30. The value of tan45’ + cos45 = ___?

A. 3/2
B. 2
C. 1
D. -1


Correct Answer: A. 3/2

Detail about MCQs

The value of tan(45°) + cos(45°) can be determined using trigonometric identities.
First, let’s calculate the values of tan(45°) and cos(45°):
tan(45°) = 1 cos(45°) = √2 / 2
Now, substitute these values into the expression:
tan(45°) + cos(45°) = 1 + √2 / 2
To simplify this expression, we can find a common denominator:
tan(45°) + cos(45°) = (2 + √2) / 2
Therefore, the correct answer is: 3/2


31. The improper fraction in the following list is ___?

A. 2/3
B. ¾
C. 4/5
D. 2/4


Correct Answer: D. 2/4


32. The 3/2 can be expressed into mixed fraction as ___?

A. 2 3/2
B. 2 ½
C. 3 1/3
D. 4 ½


Correct Answer: B. 2 1/2


33. The value of (21)2 – (19)2 is ___?

A. 20
B. 40
C. 60
D. 80


Correct Answer: D. 80


34. The value of 25% of 40 + 30% of 60 =?

A. 10
B. 18
C. 28
D. 38


Correct Answer: C. 28


35. The Value of 1/4+1/4+1/4+2/4 =?

A. 1
B. 2
C. 4
D. 8


Correct Answer: A. 1


36. After reading 7/4 of a book, 40 pages are left. The number of pages in the book is ___?

A. 160
B. 165
C. 170
D. 180


Correct Answer: A. 160


37. A drum full of rice weights 4016kg, if the empty drum weights 1334 kg. the weight of rice in the drum is ___?

A. 2682 Kg
B. 2782 kg
C. 2882 kg
D. 2982 kg


Correct Answer: A. 2682 Kg


38. The difference between largest 3 digit number and smallest 3 digit number is?

A. 879
B. 889
C. 899
D. 989


Correct Answer: C. 899


39. The present age of Sahil’s mother is three times the present age of Sahil. After 5 years their ages will add to 66 years. The present age of Sahil is?

A. 12 years
B. 14 years
C. 16 years
D. 20 years


Correct Answer: B. 14 Years


40. The two numbers are in the Ratio 5:3 if they differ by 18, the required numbers are ___?

A. 45, 27
B. 50, 32
C. 40, 22
D. 30, 18


Correct Answer: A. 45, 27


41. The capital of Iran is?

A. Kabul
B. Tehran
C. Ahedan
D. Taftan


Correct Answer: B. Tehran


42. The shrine of Khawaja Ghulam Farid R.A is located in?

A. Ranikot
B. Rajanpur
C. Ranipur
D. Rawalakot


Correct Answer: B. Rajanpur


43. Arabic is not an official language of:

A. Kuwait
B. Qatar
C. Bahrain
D. Turkey


Correct Answer: D. Turkey


44. Who authored “Long Walk to Freedom”?

A. Karl Marks
B. Jawarharlal Nehru
C. Nelson Mendela
D. Barack Hussein Obama


Correct Answer: C. Nelson Mendela


45. Which of the following is a landlocked sea?

A. Arabian Sea
B. South China Sea
C. Aral Sea
D. Yellow Sea


Correct Answer: C. Aral Sea


46. Which of the following languages has most alphabets?

A. Urdu
B. Sindhi
C. English
D. Balochi


Correct Answer: B. Sindhi


47. Tibet is an autonomous region of?

A. India
B. Russia
C. China
D. Nepal


Correct Answer: C. China


48. Official currency of Yemen is?

A. Rial
B. Dirham
C. Dinar
D. Ringgit


Correct Answer: A. Rial


49. +92 is the country code of?

A. Saudi Arabia
B. China
C. Pakistan
D. Kuwait


Correct Answer: C. Pakistan


50. Tomb of Babur: the first Mughal Emperor is in?

A. Tashkent
B. Bukhara
C. Kabul
D. Peshawar


Correct Answer: C. Kabul


51. National flower Pakistan is?

A. Rose
B. Tulip
C. Jasmine
D. Lily


Correct Answer: C. Jasmine


52. The Secretary General of the OIC is elected for the period of?

A. 3 Years
B. 4 Years
C. 5 Years
D. 6 Years


Correct Answer: C. 5 Years


53. Which of the following uses GMT+5 as its standard time?

A. Bangladesh
B. India
C. Pakistan
D. Afghanistan


Correct Answer: C. Pakistan


54. The land of Kangaroos is?

A. Brazil
B. Australia
C. South Africa
D. Thailand


Correct Answer: B. Australia


55. Which country won ICC women’s Cricket World Cup 2022?

A. India
B. England
C. Australia
D. South Africa


Correct Answer: C. Australia


56. Which disease is caused to the deficiency of vitamin D that causes bones to become soft and weak?

A. Beriberi
B. Rickets
C. Scurvy
D. Night Blindness


Correct Answer: B. Rickets


57. Fats are found in following except?

A. Oil
B. Butter
C. Vegetable
D. None of these


Correct Answer: D. None of these


58. Animals that eat both plants and animals are known as?

A. Herbivores
B. Carnivores
C. Omnivores
D. Insectivores


Correct Answer: C. Omnivores


59. A Solution that can dissolve more solute at a given temperature is called?

A. Saturated Solution
B. Unsaturated Solution
C. Supersaturated Solution
D. Concentrated Solution


Correct Answer: A. Saturated Solution


60. The atoms of one element which have the same atomic number but different mass number is known as?

A. Isomers
B. Isotopes
C. Isomorphs
D. Isobars


Correct Answer: B. Isotopes


61. A chemical compound always contains the same elements combined together in the same proportion or ratio is the statement of?

A. Law of conservation of Mass
B. Law of multiple proportion
C. Law of constant composition
D. Law of Reciprocal Proportion


Correct Answer: B. Law of Multiple Proportion


62. Which of the following animal is secondary consumer?

A. Cat
B. Sheep
C. Mouse
D. Wolf


Correct Answer: A. Cat


63. Among the following, which is not present in animal cell?

A. Cell membrane
B. Cytoplasm
C. Cell Wall
D. Nucleus


Correct Answer: C. Cell Wall


64. When a French bean germinates in soil, a hook like structure emerges that structure is called?

A. Hypocotyl
B. Cotyledons
C. Embryo
D. Micropyl


Correct Answer: A. Hypocotyl


65. The government of Benazir Bhutto was dismissed for the second time in November 1996 by?

A. Chief Justice of Pakistan
B. President of Pakistan
C. National Speaker of Pakistan
D. Chairman of Pakistan


Correct Answer: B. President of Pakistan


66. With Muhammad Ali Jinnah as Muslim League President for the first time, the meeting of both the league and congress were held at?

A. Poona
B. Bombay
C. Calcutta
D. Lucknow


Correct Answer: D. Lucknow


67. Indus water treaty was signed between which countries?

A. India and China
B. Pakistan and China
C. Pakistan and India
D. Pakistan and Afghanistan


Correct Answer: C. Pakistan and India


68. Pillars of Islam are called?

A. Arkan-e-Islam
B. Ulama-e-Islam
C. Shroot-e-Islam
D. Faraize-e-Islam


Correct Answer: A. Arkan-e-Islam


69. What is the first month of the Islamic Calendar?

A. Shawal
B. Muharram
C. Zul Qaid
D. Zul Hajj


Correct Answer: B. Muharram


70. Which one of the following is the highest unit memory?



Correct Answer: A. TB


71. Which one of the following is the smallest unit of memory?



Correct Answer: D. KB


72. Which of the following is binary equivalent (7)2 of decimal number (20)15?

A. 1111
B. 10100
C. 10001
D. 11001


Correct Answer: B. 10100


73. Which of the following is the decimal equivalent (7)18 of binary number (11111) is?

A. 20
B. 17
C. 31
D. 24


Correct Answer: C. 31


74. Which is the following is the brain of computer?

B. Memory
D. Hard Disk


Correct Answer: A. CPU


75. Which of the following is billionth of a second?

A. Microsecond
B. Nanosecond
C. Terabyte
D. Gigabyte


Correct Answer: B. Nanosecond


76. The two kind of main memory are?

A. CDs and DVDs
B. RAM and ROM
C. Direct and Sequential
D. USB and CD


Correct Answer: B. RAM and ROM


77. The correct syntax of using COUNTIF () function in MS Excel 2016?

A. =COUNTIF (Range, Criteria)
B. =COUNTIF (Criteria, Range)
C. =COUNTIF (Value if true, Value if false)
D. =COUNTIF(Criteria, True, False)


Correct Answer: A. =COUNTIF (Range, Criteria)


78. Which of the following function of Excel you will use to extract substring ‘Pak” from word “Pakistan”?

A. =FIND ()
C. =LEFT ()


Correct Answer: C. = LEFT ()


79. We can add charts in Excel worksheet by using?

A. Home Tab
B. Insert Tab
C. Analyze Tab
D. Review Tab


Correct Answer: B. Insert Tab


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