Note Intelligence and Monitoring Solved Mcqs (ETEA) test held on 18-12-2022, Contains 52+ mcqs of English Synonym, Antonyms, English Idioms, math and subject related mcqs.


1. A Public Relations Section to be headed by a police officer not below ____ ?

A. BS-17
B. BS-14
C. BS-16
D. BS-19


Correct Answer: D. BS-19


2. ___ and Procurement branches to be headed by a police officer not below the rank of Deputy inspector General?

A. Finance
B. Unit
C. Legistics
D. Audit


Correct Answer: A. Finance


3. ___ means the frontier Constabulary, Frontier Corps, Pakistan Coast Guards. Pakistan Rangers or any other civil armed force notified by the Federal Government?

A. Armed Forces
B. Civil Armed Forces
C. Regiment Forces
D. Pakistan Force


Correct Answer: A. Armed Forces


4. An Anti terrorism Court is established under?

A. Section 14
B. Section 5
C. Section 11
D. Section 13


Correct Answer: D. Section 13


5. The decision to fire or order firing shall be takes only by way of ___?

A. Last Resort
B. First Resort
C. Last Ranking
D. First Page


Correct Answer: A. Last Resort


6. An “action’ shall fall within the meaning of sub-section (1), if it?

A. An order to open fire in such circumstances shall be given by a police officer
B. Designed to Coerce and Intimidate or overawe the Government
C. Involves kidnapping for ransom, hostage taking or hijacking
D. Both a & B


Correct Answer: C. Involves kidnapping for ransom, hostage taking or hijacking 


7. Whoever commits an act of terrorism under section 6, he does anything likely to cause death or endangers life, but death or hurt is not caused, shall be punishable, on conviction, with imprisonment not less than?

A. Eight Years
B. Fifteen Years
C. Five Years
D. Ten Years


Correct Answer: D. Ten Years 


8. The use of threat of use of any action falling within sub-section (2) which involves the use of firearms, explosive or any other weapon is___, whether or not subsection (2) C is satisfied?

A. Antiestablishment
B. Antixenosis
C. Terrorism
D. Unlawful Act


Correct Answer: C. Terrorism


9. The currency of Azerbaijan is?

A. Frank
B. Dolor
C. Manat
D. Euro


Correct Answer: C. Manat 


10. Which of the following is the capital of Bahrain?

A. Doha
B. Manama
C. Muscat
D. Riyadh


Correct Answer: B. Manama


11. The lifespan of Red Blood Cells is?

A. 90 Days
B. 120 Days
C. 180 Days
D. 60 Days


Correct Answer: B. 120 Days


12. The city of waterloo is located in?

A. Canada
B. Spain
C. France
D. None of these


Correct Answer: A. Canada 


13. ___country’s flag is known as Union Jack?

B. France
C. Poland
D. Romania


Correct Answer: A. UK


14. 59, 73, 83, 94, 107, ? What number continues this sequence?

A. 128
B. 121
C. 115
D. 110


Correct Answer: C. 115


59 + (5+9) = 59+14 = 73 (No + sum of first and last digit)
73 + (7+3) = 73+10 = 83 (Similar)
83 + (8+3) = 83+11 = 94 (Similar)
94 + (9+4) = 94+13 = 107 (Similar)
107 + (1+7) = 107+8 = 115 (No + sum of first and last digit)


15. Time is to watch as pressure is to ___?

A. Hydrometer
B. Lactometer
C. Thermometer
D. Barometer


Correct Answer: D. Barometer


16. I am four times as old as my son. In 20 years’ time, I shall be twice as old as him. How old I am today?

A. 30 years
B. 35 years
C. 40 years
D. 45 years


Correct Answer: C. 40 years


17. The Head of District ___ branch shall be directly responsible to the head of district police?

A. Investigation
B. Welfare
C. Financial
D. Traffic


Correct Answer: A. Investigation


18. A ___ officer shall be responsible to the head of investigation branch for the function mentioned in sub-section 9.

A. Deputy
B. Unit
C. Supervisor
D. Commissioner


Correct Answer: C. Supervisor


19. The recruitment in the rank of Assistant Superintendent of Police shall be through the ___ Public Service Commission onto Pakistan basis?

A. Federal
B. Punjab
D. None of these


Correct Answer: A. Federal


20. The recruitment in the rank of constable shall be on the basis of ___of domicile?

A. District
B. City
C. Tehsil
D. Union Council


Correct Answer: A. District


21. ___ of appointment shall become null and void whenever the police officer named therein ceases to belong to the police.

A. Certificate
B. Identity Card
C. Documents
D. Domicile


Correct Answer: A. Certificate


22. Where any proscribed organization is aggrieved by the order of the federal government, made under section 11B (Proscription of organizations), it may within thirty days of such order, file a ___, in writing before the federal Government.

A. Review Application
B. Complaint Application
C. First Information Report
D. Financial Proposal


Correct Answer: A. Review Application


23. The Federal Government, shall constitute a Proscription review Committee, comprising including?

A. A Representative of Ministry of Law and Justice
B. The Chairman of the Committee being a person below the rank of a BS-17
C. Six Government Officers
D. All of these


Correct Answer: A. A Representative of Ministry of Law and Justice


24. The organization may be kept under observation, if the name of the organization is listed the ___by order of the Federal Government?

A. First Schedule
B. Second Schedule
C. Third Schedule
D. Fourth Schedule


Correct Answer: B. Second Schedule 


25. Each observation period shall be for ___ and may be extended by the Federal Government only after giving an opportunity of being heard to the organization concerned.

A. Two months
B. Four months
C. Six months
D. Three months


Correct Answer: C. Six months


26. The Proscribed Organization shall submit all accounts of its income and expenditure for its political and social welfare activities and disclose all funding sources to the competent authority designed by the?

A. Establishment
B. KP Government
C. Local Government
D. Federal Government


Correct Answer: D. Federal Government 


27. The Federal Government may, by order published in the official Gazette, list a ___ in the fourth Schedule on an ex-parte basis.

A. Person as a Proscribed Person
B. Name of the Organization
C. Organization as a Proscribed Organization
D. Observation as a Proscribed Observation


Correct Answer: A. Person as a Proscribed Person


28. A Person other than an accused, claiming the ownership or interest in any property or assets, suspected to be terrorist property, may within a period of ___ of freezing of account or of taking into possession or control of such property or assets.

A. Fifteen Days
B. One Month
C. Three Months
D. Three Weeks


Correct Answer: A. Fifteen Days 


29. The federal Government may, by notification in the official Gazette, at any time remove any organization or person from the ___ as the ease may be on the basis that nor reasonable ground for proscription assets.

A. Second Schedule
B. Fourth Schedule
C. First Schedule
D. Both B & C


Correct Answer: B. Fourth Schedule


30. My mother made tea for all and sundry at home. Choose the correct meaning of the underlined idiom.

A. Everybody
B. On a Sunny Day
C. For Guests
D. All of a Sudden


Correct Answer: A. Everybody 


31. Nuclear energy is ___ dangerous to be used widely.

A. So
B. Too
C. To
D. None of these


Correct Answer: B. Too


32. Help me (Change the voice)

A. You are requested to help me
B. Let me be helped
C. Let me be help
D. Both a & b


Correct Answer: D. Both a & b


33. She said, “Goodbye, my friend.” (Change the narration)

A. She bade goodbye to her friends
B. She exclaimed goodbye to her friends
C. She bade goodbye to his friends
D. She said a goodbye to her friends


Correct Answer: A. She bade goodbye to her friends 


34. ___ to any specialized branch, division, bureau training and experience?

A. Receive
B. Gain
C. Posting
D. Remain


Correct Answer: C. Posting


35. The Provincial Police Offer shall prepare a provincial ___ policing plan for review by the Provincial Public Safety Commission.

A. Annual
B. Middle
C. Two Years
D. Four Years


Correct Answer: A. Annual


36. The Provincial Police Officer shall ensure welfare of Police and Shall take appropriate measures for the wellbeing of serving retired, deceased personnel and their families, in accordance with ___?

A. Politics
B. FC Officer
C. Government Policies
D. Court


Correct Answer: C. Government Policies


37. An accused convicted of an Offence under this (1997) shall be punishable with imprisonment of ten years or more including the?

A. Offences of Kidnapping for ransom and hijacking
B. The act of terrorism committed falls under section 6 (2) (f) and (g)
C. Involves extortion of money (“bhatta”) or property
D. All of these


Correct Answer: A. Offences of Kidnapping for ransom and hijacking


38. A person commits an offence if he enters into or becomes concerned in any arrangement which facilitates the retention or control by or on behalf of another person of terrorist property:

A. By Concealment
B. By Removal from the jurisdiction
C. By transfer to nominees
D. All of these


Correct Answer: D. All of these


39. It is a ___ for a person charged with an offence under sub-section (1) to prove that he did not know and had no reasonable cause to suspect that the arrangement related to terrorist property.

A. Guilt
B. Defense
C. Pretend
D. Mechanism


Correct Answer: B. Defense


40. The reasonable grounds (to believe that it is concerned in terrorism) shall be communicated to the proscribed organization within ___ of the passing of the order of proscription.

A. Five Days
B. Six Days
C. Two Days
D. Three Days


Correct Answer: D. Three Days


41. ___ means taking notice by an authority legally empowered to take action on its decision regarding a matter relating to police excess for remedial and corrective measures.

A. Conversance
B. Cognizance
C. Intimacy
D. Grasp


Correct Answer: B. Cognizance


42. ___ in relation to posting and transfer an urgent or unforeseen situation which for the reasons to be recorded in writing requires premature transfer of a Police Officer for performance of specific tasks or duties

A. Persuasion of Service
B. Coaxing of service
C. Exigency of Service
D. Criticalness of Service


Correct Answer: C. Exigency of Service


43. Station House Officer means the:

A. Head of the Police of a Region
B. A police officer not below the rank of ASI Police
C. All Persons appointed as special Police Officers or additional police officers
D. Officer Incharge of a police station


Correct Answer: D. Officer Incharge of a police station


44. It shall be the responsibility of every police officer to?

A. Behave with the members of the public with due incivility
B. Promote enmity in the society
C. Promote amity in the society
D. All of these


Correct Answer: C. Promote amity in the society


45. Government may, in an emergency by notification in the ___ declare any specified service to be an essential service to the community.

A. Official Gazette
B. Federal Gazette
C. KPK Gazette
D. National Gazette


Correct Answer: A. Official Gazette


46. If yesterday was Monday what day is after tomorrow?

A. Saturday
B. Monday
C. Wednesday
D. Thursday


Correct Answer: D. Thursday


47. Associate is to colleague as accomplice is to:

A. Consort
B. Friend
C. Accessory
D. Comrade


Correct Answer: C. Accessory


48. What is 45% of 300?

A. 125
B. 135
C. 138
D. 142


Correct Answer: B. 135


49. How tall is a sapling that is 3 feet shorter than a fence that is four times the height of the sapling?

A. 2 Feet
B. 0.5 foot
C. 1 feet
D. 3 feet


Correct Answer: C. 1 feet


50. What is the value of -12 + -15?

A. 3
B. 27
C. -3
D. -27


Correct Answer: D. -27


51. ___ includes management of administrative operational and financial function.

A. Code
B. Administration
C. Commission
D. Direct


Correct Answer: B. Administration 


52. ____ means a revenue estate notified under Khyber Pakhtunkhwa land revenue Act, 1967.

A. District
B. Government
C. Cognizance
D. Head of Unite


Correct Answer: A. District 


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