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International Current Affairs December 2023 Quiz

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When the UN Security Council finally adopted a resolution which calls for an immediate acceleration of aid deliveries to Gaza?

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Who was the president of the 2023 UN Climate Change Conference COP28?

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Which organization approved the first gene therapies to treat patients with sickle cell disease?

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Recently, Which country will give access to the USA to its 15 military bases?

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When was World Human Rights Day 2023 observed?

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In December 2023, which country unveiled the World’s first Portable Hospital?

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According to the World Metrological Organization’s report which decade was the warmest ever in history?

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When is International Anti-Corruption Day 2023 celebrated?

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Which country cricket team won the U-19 Asia Cup 2023?

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Recently Israel temporarily opened the second border crossing to deliver aid into Gaza, Named?

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When Donald Trump was ineligible to hold the office of President by the Colorado Supreme Court, because of his involvement in the January 2021 assault on the Capitol?

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Which country unveiled “JT-60SA” the World’s Largest Experimental Nuclear Fusion Reactor?

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Which country framed the ‘One Province, One Policy’ plan to tackle financial risk?

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The X-37B robot space plane is the secretive space plane of which country?

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In December 2023, which country withdrew from China’s Belt and Road Initiative?

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