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International Current Affairs November 2023 Quiz

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When International Day for Biosphere Reserves 2023 Observed globally?

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Who was named the captain of the ICC’s Team of the Tournament in 2023?

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According to UN which country’s half of the population is in need of humanitarian aid after nearly seven months of war?

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Which countries supported ‘Mandatory self-regulation through codes of conduct’ for AI models?

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Which word was selected as the Cambridge Dictionary’s word of the year in 2023 due to an additional definition related to AI advancements?

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In which of the following month World Heritage week is observed annually?

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Joseph Boakai has been elected as the President of which country?

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Which company manufactured the prototype low-Earth orbit satellites recently?

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Who has been crowned the miss universe for the year 2023?

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When United States and Philippines signed Nuclear technology export deal?

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When which country hosted the two-day summit of European Space Ministers, named as Space Summit?

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In November 2023, Which country becomes First South Asian Nation To Register Same-Sex Marriage

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In which body of water was the hijacking of the “Galaxy Leader” cargo ship reported to have taken place?

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Recently which country announced its termination from the Belt and Road Initiatives of China?

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Who is the current Argentina’s elected President?

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