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International Current Affairs October 2023 Quiz

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Which animal embryos grown in space for first time?

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World Food Day 2023 observed on?

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When UN General Assembly adopted a resolution hat calls for an `immediate, durable and sustained humanitarian truce` in Gaza?

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When Israel bombed Al-Ahli Arab Hospital resulting in a large number of fatalities and injuries among displaced Palestinians seeking shelter there?

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In October 2023, Which city becomes the World’s Fastest recovering destination in the service sector?

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Which of the following country becomes the first nation to launched an Electromagnetic Railgun from an offshore vessel?

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Which Iranian imprisoned activist won the Noble Peace Prize 2023, in recognition of her tireless campaigning for women’s rights and democracy?

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In October 2023, Which organization has approved world’s first Green Bond Standards?

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Hiba Kamal Abu Nada was a Palestinian poet, novelist killed in Israeli bombing in the Gaza Strip on:

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Which city hosted the 9th Group20 Parliamentary Speakers’ Summit (P20) in 2023?

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When Israel Imposed Total Siege On Gaza after Hamas’s Surprise Attack?

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When was World Hydrogen and Fuel Day 2023 celebrated?

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Which country hosted the 8th BRICS International Competition Conference 2023?

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In October 2023, which country launches new mission to space station?

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The 3rd Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation was held in:

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