Note: Ministry of Defence (MOD) Solved Past Paper’s MCQs Set-2 contains 80+ MCQs of Pak-Study, Islamiyat, Pakistan General Knowledge, Ethics, Mathematics, Computer (Programming), Psychology, Socialism, etc.


1. Prime Minister of Pakistan presented a report to the constituent assembly on October 16th, 1951 which is known as?

A. Bogras Formula
B. Pakistan Formula
C. Constitutional Formula
D. Objective Resolution


Correct Answer: D. Objective Resolution


2. What is the fundamental characteristic of the 18th amendment of the Constitution of Pakistan?

A. Centralization
B. Protection of Borders of the Country
C. Giving Powers to the Armed Forces
D. Provincial Autonomy


Correct Answer: D. Provincial Autonomy


3. The ancient remains at Takht-i-Bahi are of:

A. Indus Valley Civilization
B. Greek Civilization
C. Muslim Civilization
D. Gandhara Civilization


Correct Answer: D. Gandhara Civilization (Buddhist) 


4. What does article 58(2b) of the constitution of Pakistan mean?

A. Power of the President to dismiss Governors
B. Power of the President dismiss Chief Justice of Supreme Court
C. Power of the President to dissolve National Assembly
D. Power of the President to remove Army Chief


Correct Answer: C. Power of the President to dissolve National Assembly


5. The book ‘Pakistan a Hard Country’ is written by?

A. George Maximilian
B. I.H Qureshi
C. Akbar Zaidi
D. Anatol Lieven


Correct Answer: D. Anatol Lieven


6. 25th amendment of the constitution of Pakistan is about?

A. The Economic Policies of the Country
B. Merging of Federally Administered Tribal Areas into Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
C. Empowering judges to hear cases against armed forces
D. Giving special status to Gilgit-Baltistan


Correct Answer: B. Merging of Federally Administered Tribal Areas into Khyber Pakhtunkhwa


7. Which political leader in Pakistan is known for the Non-Violent Movement?

A. Liaqat Ali Khan
B. Fatima Jinnah
C. Bacha Khan
D. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto


Correct Answer: C. Bacha Khan


8. Gomal-Zam dam is constructed in which district of Pakistan?

A. D-1 Khan
B. Bannu
C. South Waziristan
D. North Waziristan


Correct Answer: C. South Waziristan


9. Ormur language is spoken by which Pashtun tribe of Pakistan?

A. Afridi
B. Wazir
C. Swati
D. Burki


Correct Answer: D. Burki (Waziristan)


10. The largest district of Pakistan by area is:

A. District Dera Ghazi Khan
B. District Dadu
C. District Karachi
D. District Chagai


Correct Answer: D. District Chagai


11. When someone judges a person based on superficial characteristics such as their apparent social class, sex and ethnicity is known as?

A. Labelling
B. Self-Fulfilling Prophecy
C. Social Fragmentation
D. Social Identity


Correct Answer: A. Labeling


12. A system of verbal symbols through which humans communicate ideas, feelings, and experiences are called?

A. Values
B. Norms
C. Languages
D. Culture


Correct Answer: C. Languages


13. Cultural Diffusion means the spread of ___ from one group or society to another.

A. Cultural Norms
B. Cultural Values
C. Cultural Shocks
D. Cultural Traits


Correct Answer: B. Cultural Values


14. The division of people socio-economically into different layers is termed as:

A. Social Stratification
B. Race
C. Ethnicity
D. Inequality


Correct Answer: A. Social Stratification


15. Structural Functionalism holds Society as a ___ organization.

A. Simple
B. Complex
C. Primitive
D. Modern


Correct Answer: B. Complex


16. The concept of “Alienation” was first coined by:

A. Antonio Gramsci
B. Emile Durkheim
C. Max Weber
D. Karl Marx


Correct Answer: D. Karl Marx


17. Robert Merton defines human functions into two types. Among which latent functions are:

A. Unintentional and not Obvious
B. Easily Apparent
C. Intention or Obvious
D. Visible


Correct Answer: A. Unintentional and not Obvious


18. What is the opposite of Capitalism?

A. Liberalism
B. Communism
C. Fascism
D. Anarchism


Correct Answer: B. Communism


19. When the skillful and well-versed individuals of a country immigrate to another country, the phenomenon is termed?

A. Brain Drain
B. Emigration
C. Migration
D. Loss of Skilled Workers


Correct Answer: A. Brain Drain


20. Which of the following is the primary institution of the Socialization of children?

A. School
B. Family
C. Peer Groups
D. Media


Correct Answer: B. Family


21. Appeals to humor, appeals to sex, and effects of repetitions are the three techniques of:

A. Persuasive Advertising
B. Persuasive Propaganda
C. Persuasive Radio and TV Shows
D. Effective Communication


Correct Answer: C. Persuasive Radio and TV Shows


22. The more a person will make his/her needs met by media, the more that very media would play role in his/her real life. This idea depicts which theory?

A. Media Dependency Theory
B. Uses and Gratification Theory
C. Transmission Belt Theory
D. Cultivation Theory


Correct Answer: A. Media Dependency Theory


23. The process in which the media attends to some issues and not others, therefore altering the benchmarks by which people evaluate election candidates is called as?

A. Priming Process
B. Altering Process
C. Propagation Process
D. Cultivation Perspective


Correct Answer: B. Altering Process


24. Which of the following was the first Hindu who publicly proposed the separate state of the Muslims almost 16 years before the All India Muslim League adopted the idea of a separate state for the Muslims?

A. Mahatma Gandhi
B. Jawaharial Nehru
C. Lala Lajpat Rai
D. Vallabhai Patel


Correct Answer: A. Mahatma Gandhi


25. A Short History of the Saracens is a book by Syed Ameer Ali. This book is written on the history of ___.

A. Arab Muslim
B. Sindhi Muslims
C. Central Provinces Muslims
D. Muslims of Serbia


Correct Answer: A. Arab Muslim


26. Sheikh Ahmad Sirhindi refused to prostrate when he entered the court of the Mughal Emperor.

A. Akbar
B. Jahangir
C. Shahjahan
D. Aurangzeb


Correct Answer: B. Jahangir 


27. Which of the following was the first military war fought by the East India Company against the local Indians?

A. Anglo Maratha War
B. Anglo-Mysor War
C. Battle of Buxar
D. Battle of Plessey


Correct Answer: D. Battle of Plessey


28. During the 1930s and 1940s, most of the researchers employed ___ in their ideas regarding media effects.

A. Hypodermic Needle Model of Communication
B. Authoritarian Model of Communication
C. Libertarian Model of Communication
D. Cultivation Theory of Mass Communication Mean


Correct Answer: A. Hypodermic Needle Model of Communication


29. Viewing Mass Communication as merely a process of disseminating messages to control people is called?

A. Transmission Perspective
B. Ritual Perspective
C. Power Perspective
D. Pragmatic Perspective


Correct Answer: A. Transmission Perspective


30. When Pakistan was fighting the war of 1971 against India ___ was the Prime Minister of Pakistan?

A. Yahya Khan
B. Noor-ul-Amin
C. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto
D. Fazal Ilahi Chaudhry


Correct Answer: B. Noor-ul-Amim


31. When did the People’s Republic of China become a member of the United Nations?

A. 1971
B. 1973
C. 1974
D. 1975


Correct Answer: A. 1971 


32. The total number of members of the Pakistan Senate has changed after the merger of FATA into KPK. Now it is:

A. 84
B. 96
C. 102
D. 104


Correct Answer: B. 96 (Before Merger its 104)


33. Who is the new chairman of the Kashmir Committee in Pakistan’s Parliament?

A. Shafqat Mahmood
B. Fazal-ur-Rehman
C. Syed Fakhar Imam
D. Makhdom Basit Ahmad Sultan


Correct Answer: D. Makhdom Basit Ahmad Sultan 


34. Total members of the electoral college for the United States presidential election are:

A. 535
B. 538
C. 530
D. 435


Correct Answer: B. 538 


35. When did the All-India Muslim League initiate the actual movement for a separate homeland?

A. 1930
B. 1935
C. 1927
D. 1940


Correct Answer: D. 1940 


36. Who replaced Dr. Maliha Lodhi as the Permanent Representative of Pakistan to the United Nations?

A. Syed Ibn-e-Abbas
B. Ali Jahangir Siddique
C. Munir Akram
D. Zulfi Bukhari


Correct Answer: C. Munir Akram


37. When the United States promulgated its present constitution and became a federation?

A. 1776
B. 1778
C. 1789
D. 1774


Correct Answer: C. 1789

Detail About MCQs

The continental Congress, which still functioned at irregular intervals, passed a resolution on September 13, 1788, to put the new Constitution into operation with the eleven states that had then ratified it. The federal government began operating under the new form of government on March 1789.


38. What is the total number of members in the European Union at present?

A. 27
B. 28
C. 29
D. 30


Correct Answer: A. 27 


39. Which country hosted the Summit of G-20 in November 2020?

A. Qatar
B. India
C. Saudi Arabia
D. Britain


Correct Answer: C. Saudi Arabia


40. Vietnam War ended in?

A. 1971
B. 1973
C. 1974
D. 1975


Correct Answer: D. 1975


41. Who is the present Captain of the Pakistan Cricket Team?

A. Sarfraz Ahmad
B. Misbah-ul-Haq
C. Babar Azam
D. Shoaib Malik


Correct Answer: C. Babar Azam


42. When was the first time All India Congress accepted the demand of Indian Muslims for a separate electorate?

A. 1908
B. 1916
C. 1927
D. 1938


Correct Answer: B. 1916 (Lucknow Session) 


43. In the Present Constitution of Pakistan, how many lists of powers are given for the division of powers between the Provinces and the Federation?

A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4


Correct Answer: C. 3 (Federal List, Provincial List, Concurrent List) 


44. Who said, we will fight for a thousand years for Kashmir in a United Nation session?

A. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto
B. Zia-ul-Haq
C. General Pervaiz Musharraf
D. General Ayub Khan


Correct Answer: A. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto


45. Pakistan and India signed the Indus Basin Treaty in?

A. 1960
B. 1961
C. 1963
D. 1964


Correct Answer: A. 1960


46. When were the last Presidential elections due in the United States of America?

A. November 2019
B. November 2020
C. February 2020
D. December 2020


Correct Answer: B. November 2020


47. In the last session of the United Nations General Assembly, three Heads of State expressed their serious concerns about the situation in Kashmir, they were?

A. Saudi, Iranian, and Turkish
B. Turkish, Chinese, and Malaysian
C. Turkish, Chinese, and Indonesian
D. Malaysian, Iranian, and Qatari


Correct Answer: B. Turkish, Chinese, and Malaysian


48. In the impeachment of the United States President, the final authority is?

A. Senate
B. House of Representatives
C. Congress (both of the houses)
D. US Supreme Court


Correct Answer: A. Senate


49. FATA’s merger into the KPK was realized in:

A. August 2017
B. December 2017
C. May 2018
D. December 2018


Correct Answer: C. May 2018


50. Which of the following regular expression does not represent strings that end in a double letter?

A. (a + b)*(bb + ba)
B. (a + b)*aa + (a + b)*bb
C. (a + b)*(ab + ba) + a +b
D. (a + b)*(bb + aa)


Correct Answer: C. (a + b)*(ab + ba) + a +b 


51. What is the fifth layer of the Networking OSI (Seven Layer) model?

A. Transparent Layer
B. Session Layer
C. Network Layer
D. Application Layer


Correct Answer: B. Session Layer


52. Following algorithms are based on the divide-and-conquer programming approach Except?

A. Heap Sort
B. Merge Sort
C. Quick Sort
D. Binary Search


Correct Answer: A. Heap Sort


53. Which of the following is a technique by which different analog and digital streams of transmission can be simultaneously processed over a shared link?

A. Analogical
B. Multiplexing
C. Digitalize
D. Miscellaneous


Correct Answer: B. Multiplexing


54. In which of the following windows thread states, a thread enters this state after waiting if it is ready to run but the resources are not available?

A. Standby
B. Running
C. Transition
D. Terminated


Correct Answer: C. Transition


55. Today, it is very rare to see a LAN, A MAN, or a WAN in isolation; they are connected to one another. When two or more networks are connected, the network is called?

A. InterNetwork
B. OuterNetwork
C. PAN (Personal Area Network)
D. Intra Network


Correct Answer: A. InterNetwork


56. Following are the advantages of Data Replication Except?

A. Reliability
B. Quicker Response
C. Additional in Storage Requirements
D. Reduction in Network Load


Correct Answer: C. Additional in Storage Requirements


57. Which of the following Java Script method rounds a number upwards to the nearest integer?

A. Exp()
B. Ceil()
C. Asin()
D. Abs()


Correct Answer: B. Ceil()


58. Which of the following Regular Expression represent strings that do not have the substring ab?

A. (b+a)*
B. (a+b)*
C. b*a
D. a*b


Correct Answer: C. b*a


59. In which of the following mode of data delivery, the transfer of data from servers to clients is initiated by a client pull?

A. Pull-Only
B. Hybrid
C. Push-Only
D. Merge


Correct Answer: A. Pull-Only


60. In Data Structure and Algorithm, Data definition defines a particular data with the following characteristics except?

A. Atomic
B. Discursive
C. Traceable
D. Accurate


Correct Answer: B. Discursive


61. In which of the following topology, all devices share a single communication line or cable? This topology may have problems while multiple hosts send data at the same time.

A. Star Topology
B. Ring Topology
C. Bus Topology
D. Tree Topology


Correct Answer: C. Bus Topology


62. Which of the following is a technique for producing a set of relations with desirable properties, given the data requirements of an enterprise?

A. Specialization
B. Aggregation
C. Normalization
D. Generalization


Correct Answer: C. Normalization


63. Select the exponentiation operator used in Java Script?

A. &&
B. **
C. $
D. /


Correct Answer: B. **


64. The variation of a single input (or some inputs) keeping at least one other variable constant is called:

A. Partial Factor Variations
B. Marginal Efficiency
C. Constant Return to Scale
D. Functional Relationship


Correct Answer: C. Constant Return to Scale


65. The Real Wages are obtained after adjusting for:

A. Tax
B. Inflation
C. Interest Rate
D. Demand for Labour


Correct Answer: B. Inflation


66. With full employment in the economy, Aggregates Supply Curve is?

A. Upward Sloping
B. Horizontal
C. Vertical
D. Downward Sloping


Correct Answer: C. Vertical


67. ____ is the value imputed to any final asset because of its ease of conversion into a medium of exchange.

A. Portfolio Investment
B. Liquidity Premium
C. Liquidity Trap
D. Yield-Bearing Assets


Correct Answer: C. Liquid Trap 


68. The concept of Pareto Optimum is also called:

A. Economic Efficiency
B. Production Efficiency
C. Consumption Efficiency
D. Distribution Efficiency


Correct Answer: A. Economic Efficiency


69. In the case of monopolistic competition, equilibrium takes place at the point where?

A. MR = MC
D. MC is less than Zero


Correct Answer: A. MR = MC


70. The monopolist will never be in equilibrium at a point on the demand curve at which the elasticity of demand is ____.

A. Equal to 1
B. More than 1
C. Less than 1
D. Zero


Correct Answer: C. Less than 1


71. Planned spending is defined as all spending except?

A. Unintended Increase in Savings
B. Unintended Increase in Interest Rate
C. Unintended Increase in Inventories
D. Unintended Increase in Inflation


Correct Answer: D. Unintended Increase in Inflation 


72. The difference between right and wrong is merely a human ___.

A. Tradition
B. Value
C. Convention
D. Need


Correct Answer: A. Tradition


73. In which battle Jafar bin Abi Talib was martyred?

A. Battle of Badr
B. Battle of Uhad
C. Battle of Mutah
D. Battle of Khandaq


Correct Answer: C. Battle of Mutah


74. The most national holistically minded today would admit that we have some ____to all

A. Obligations
B. Duties
C. Rights
D. Values


Correct Answer: B. Duties


75. Teleological theories of moral ethics hold that the rightness and wrongness of an action depend on its ____?

A. Value
B. Validity
C. Consequences
D. Concept


Correct Answer: C. Consequences


76. Duties to God, duties to oneself, and duties to others come under ____ which are part of normative ethics.

A. Virtue ethics
B. Psychological Theories
C. Consequentialism Theories
D. Duty Theories


Correct Answer: A. Virtue ethics 


77. Hazrat Haleema looked after the Holy Prophet (SAW) for?

A. 2 Years
B. 4 Years
C. 6 Years
D. 8 Years


Correct Answer: C. 6 Years


78. The only Sahabi whose name is mentioned in Quran is?

A. Hazrat Zaid bin Haris R.A
B. Hazrat Ali R.A
C. Hazrat Bilal R.A
D. Hazrat Abu Bakar R.A


Correct Answer: A. Hazrat Zaid bin Haris R.A


79. When we make the judgment, that this action is good, we imply that the action has some ___ or that it is worthwhile.

A. Tradition
B. Affect
C. Value
D. Wisdom


Correct Answer: C. Value


80. The best eatable mentioned in the Holy Quran is?

A. Dates
B. Grapes
C. Honey
D. Figs


Correct Answer: C. Honey


81. Zakat is due on goats as?

A. 1 goat for every 40 goats
B. 1 goat for every 5- goats
C. 1 goat for every 80 goats
D. 1 goat for every 70 goats


Correct Answer: A. 1 goat for every 40 goats

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