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Pakistan Current Affairs April 2023 Quiz

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When PM of Pakistan Shahbaz Sharif announced the Reopening of Khunjerab Pass?

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According the sources the Construction of Mujahid dam will be finished in?

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Who is the current bowling coach of the Pakistan cricket team?

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NADRA has launched its cutting-edge ‘Automated Finger Identification System’ (AFIS) named as?

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In April 2023, The SBP reserves have been showing some improvement following the inflow of a $1.3bn loan from which country?

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According to Asian Development Bank(ADB) which Asian country received highest funding in 2022?

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According to World Bank Survey, Only _____% of women in Quetta are employed.

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Who is the current Batting coach of the Pakistan cricket team?

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According to Annual Report of Asian Development Bank Floods in Pakistan caused loss of ___ to Pakistan’s economy?

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In April 2023, Pakistan has placed its first order for discounted crude oil from which country?

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Revised import policy for livestock approved from the cabinet on:

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in the acute shortage of water in the garrison city authorities have approved the construction of which dam?

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TikTok has removed over ___ videos uploaded from Pakistan for violating community guidelines in Q4 2022?

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On April 7, 2023, Saudi Fund for Development (SFD) signed an agreement to extend a $_____ million loan to Pakistan for Mohmand Dam project.

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Who is the current Head Coach of Pakistan Cricket Team?

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When Enaam Ahmed has become the first-ever Pakistani to win go-karting world championship?

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Who has become the first ever and only Pakistani to be a world champion in Karting race?

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Who will lead a Pakistani delegation to the 4th meeting of the `Neighbouring Countries of Afghanistan`?

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When Khunjerab Pass reopened after three years?

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Mujahid Dam will be constructed in Chontra region while Mohata dam will be constructed in?

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