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Pakistan Current Affairs October 2023 Quiz

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Who become the first Pakistani flew to space on Virgin Galactic’s Galactic 04 mission?

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The First ever Robotic Surgery in Pakistan performed at ___?

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When Caretaker PM of Pakistan Kakar visited China and attended the Third Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation?

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On 27 October 2023, Pakistan observes `Kashmir Black Day`, marking the ____ years of Indian armed forces` illegal occupation in Kashmir.

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Pakistan Air Force inaugurated its 14-nation multinational air exercise, named?

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Which of the following Pakistani will deliver the 21st “Nelson Mandela” annual lecture on December 5 in Johannesburg, South Africa?

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Which of the following Chinese company sanctioned for their alleged involvement in supplying missile components to Pakistan?

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After ____ years, Train services at Sibi-Harnai section restored.

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In Pakistan the cotton output increased by ____ percent by Oct 15, 2023, compared to the total production of the crop the previous year.

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Caretaker FM Jalil Abbas met with Afghan counterpart in Tibet on___?

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Pakistan Post has launched a new service on the occasion of World Post Day 2023, Named?

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In October 2023, Punjab, Pakistan has approved Safe City Project for which city?

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When caretaker Punjab government present its second four-month budget of the ongoing financial year 2023-24?

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What is the primary cause of the high inflation rate in Pakistan?

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From Pakistan who joins United Nations secretary general`s advisory board on Artificial Intelligence?

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