• Honest
  • Hard Worker
  • Self-confidence
  • Respectfulness
  • Initiative
  • High Sense of Achievement
  • Awareness
  • Inspiration and Communication
  • Social
  • Good and Pessimistic thoughts
  • Listener
  • Good Character
  • Creativity Humor
  • Commitment
  • Delegation

2. Some important things which are observed during the ISSB:

  • Yourself
  • Family background
  • Thoughts
  • Mental Level
  • Sharpness
  • Working level
  • Behaviour
  • Self-confidence
  • Trust
  • Social choice
  • Awareness
  • Personality
  • Characters
  • Feelings
  • Courage
  • Leadership
  • Respectfulness
  • Working under pressure
  • Responsibilities
  • Carefulness
  • Life with other
  • Working Under leader Speech
  • Physical endurance
  • Lifestyle
  • Listener
  • Initiative

3. Important Among All of These:

  • Courage
  • Character
  • Competence
  • Comradeship

4. Picture Story:

Helpful Tips: Make an Idea for Picture, Complete the Story by Making a

  • Characters: The Characters you are describing in picture Story directly reflect you, so put characters and their Profession according to your aim.
  • Avoid: Don’t put characters related to forces as Captain or Lieutenant in every story, But instead of that you can use/also write other Professions (Docter, Engineers etc). 


  • Past: Write the introductory Past of Character
  • Present: His Present Situation-related to his past of the character.
  • Future: His aim in Future
  • Moral Lesson: At last write the lesson you learnt from Picture.

Note: Story must have a high sense of Achievement and, The end of the story will be very good and show determination.

5. Sentence Completion Test:

  • Always Make Short Sentence
  • Make Optimistic Sentences
  • Always show your good abilities
  • Show your good mental level
  • Show leadership qualities
  • Become a Good Person
  • Show Yourself an Honest and Good person/Hardworking
  • Write clear and clean
  • Show yourself a social person
  • Sentence show your high sense of Achievement

Things to Avoid:

  • Cutting
  • Your Weak Point
  • Don’t show yourself a bad person
  • Don’t make a Negative Sentence
  • Don’t Skip the word
  • Universal Truth (For Example Honesty is the best Policy)

6. Word Association Test:

Associate your sentence  with the given word

There are some rules for the Word Association Test

  • Always right the reality
  • Always make a positive sentence
  • Right your real sentence not copied
  • Don’t become a Muslim only for ISSB

Note: A Negative word in Association test is “Kill”, Then, You can Make a sentence with its Opposite Word Which is “Save”. For Example, He saves a boy from the Road Accident. Here the word Accident is negative But the Save (Means) life Action is Good impression.

Never Use. 1) Not (Not itself show Negative Sense). 2) Was (Show action in past)

All the sentence which you are written Either you have started from he, they, Ali and So on basically represent you. Remember: Everything which you have written in Test is Mostly asked in Interview.

Note: In the ISSB Test “Always write Recoverable Demerits”.

Added By: Mazhar Iqbal (Future PAF Pilot)

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