When Sultan Mahmood takes oath as 10th president of AJK?

A. August 24, 2021
B. August 25, 2021
C. August 26, 2021
D. August 27, 2021


Correct Answer: B. August 25, 2021

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Pakistan Tehreeki-Insaf (PTI) regional president Barrister Sultan Mahmood took oath as president of Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) on August 25, 2021, replacing former diplomat Sardar Masood Khan after the expiry of his stipulated constitutional five-year term. Mr. Mahmood, who had returned in July 25 elections from LA-III, Mirpur-3, was elected as the territory`s next constitutional head by 34 members of the AJK Legislative Assembly, 32 from the PTI, and two from the allies, on Aug 17. The oath was administered to him by AJK Chief Justice Raja Saeed Akram.