23 June is celebrated every year as ___.

A. International Olympic Day
B. United Nations Public Service Day
C. International Widows’ Day
D. All of the Above


Correct Answer: D. All of the Above

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International Olympic Day
The International Olympic Day is celebrated on 23rd June every year to make people aware of the importance of games in life. Olympic Day is much more than a sports event. It is a day for the world to get active. The first Olympic Day was celebrated on 23 June 1948.

United Nations Public Service Day
This day is designated by the UN General Assembly to celebrate 23rd June as Public Service Day.  The first Awards Ceremony in 2003.

International Widows’ Day
International Widows Day (international) is observed on 23 June annually to raise awareness globally about the violation of human rights that widows suffer and faces in several countries following the death of their spouses. The first officially recognized International Widows’ Day on June 23, 2011.