What is the rank of Pakistan in Global Startup Ecosystem Index 2021?

A. 70th
B. 73rd
C. 75th
D. 79th


Correct Answer: C. 75th

Detailed About MCQs

The Pakistani startup space has had an incredible year, having moved up the ladder to 75th position worldwide and 2nd in the South Asian region, as revealed by the recent “Global Startups Ecosystem Index 2021” report released by StartupBlink.The highest-ranked city in Pakistan in terms of startup activity is Lahore, having risen 14 places to 257th globally and 4th in South Asia. The 2nd ranked city, Karachi, experienced a fall of 7 spots to 286th globally and is ranked 8th in South Asia. The 3rd highest city, Islamabad, saw the most significant increase in rank, jumping 122 spots and into the global top 500 at 437th, as well as 15th in South Asia.