What is the rank of Pakistan on the UN’s 2021/22 Human Development Index?

A. 123
B. 137
C. 152
D. 161


Correct Answer: D. 161

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Pakistan was ranked at 161st position among 191 countries on the UN’s 2021/22 Human Development Index (HDI)’s annual rankings that are measured by combining indicators of health, education, and standards of living, warning that multiple crises, mainly the Covid-19 pandemic, are halting human progress in most countries. In the 2020 report, Pakistan, which is now placed in the low human development category, had ranked 154th among 189 countries and territories. In other South Asian countries, India ranked 132nd on the HDI index; Bangladesh: 129th; Sri Lanka: 73rd; Maldives: 90; Nepal: 142, and Bhutan at 129. Switzerland tops this year’s rankings, followed by Norway, Iceland, Hong Kong, Australia, and other wealthy nations. Countries from sub-Saharan Africa are among the lowest ranked in human development, with South Sudan at the bottom.