When PM Imran Khan launches “Hunarmand Pakistan” new programme for country’s youth?

A. Jan 7, 2020
B. Jan 8, 2020
C. Jan 9, 2020
D. Jan 10, 2020


Correct Answer: C. Jan 9, 2020

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Prime Minister Imran Khan launched on Thursday a new programme to develop the skills of the country’s youth. Hunarmand Pakistan, which is a part of the Kamyab Jawan Programme, seeks to develop the skills of 500,000 young people. More than 500 technical centres and 300 smart technical centres will be opened under the programme. “Seventy centres will be opened at madrassas,” announced the prime minister. “We have never owned the children who study at madrassas. It is about time we change that,” he added. The government has earmarked Rs30 billion for the programme. Content Source: samma.tv