James Webb Space Telescope detected a Cosmic Delivery System of which particles?

A. Dust
B. Pebble
C. Snow
D. Titanium


Correct Answer: B. Pebble

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In a recent study, the James Webb Space Telescope from NASA has detected a sophisticated cosmic supply chain involving ice-covered pebbles drifting inward from the outer Solar System.
This observation supports the longstanding theory that these pebbles are transporting water to planets in the process of formation closer to their respective stars.

The world’s largest and most powerful space telescope “James Webb Space Telescope” was developed by which agency?

A. Space X


Correct Answer: C. NASA

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The James Webb Space Telescope, which is considered to be the world’s largest and most powerful space science telescope has been designed and developed by NASA. Recently, the telescope opened up its iconic primary mirror for the last time on earth, and performed the full expansion and locking of itself into place, just like it would in space.